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  • Platforms and Walkways-Image
    Platforms and Walkways - (417 companies)
    ...such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates. Platforms and walkways enable personnel access to elevated workspaces. They can also be called grating planks, catwalks, or industrial footbridges. Workers utilize these industrial...
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    Catwalk Machines (CWM) - (18 companies)
    Catwalk machines (CWM) are pipe handling systems that are used to transport tubular goods and ancillary equipment to and from the drill floor. CWMs automate pipe handling operations in order to mitigate manual handling when adding sections of pipe...
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    Steel Rail - (31 companies)
    Steel rail is a form of steel fixed stock with a tee shaped rail profile for construction of railway tracks, which support and guide transit or railcar wheels. Steel rails are the load bearing and guiding elements in a railway or tramway track...
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  • Stainless Steel Alloys-Image
    Stainless Steel Alloys - (846 companies)
    Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more resistant to corrosion than normal steels. How to Select Stainless Steel Alloys. Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more...
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  • Stairs and Stairways-Image
    Stairs and Stairways - (477 companies)
    ...height and width. Materials of construction are also important to consider when selecting stairs and stairways. Choices include aluminum, iron, glass, plastic, steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Wooden stairs and stairways are also available...
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    Ladders - (569 companies)
    ...and dock ladders - Made from materials that can resist corrosion, such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Construction Material. Ladders are commonly constructed with the following materials: Wood - Ladders made of wood are less expensive...
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    Glass Tiles - (32 companies)
    ...or cover a surface. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, transparencies, colors, and can come in combination with other materials such as stainless steel. They can be used to make a surface more durable or water repellent, or they can be used...
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    Presses (metalworking) - (533 companies)
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    Galvanizing Services - (51 companies)
    Galvanizing services involve the application of a protective zinc coating on metals such as steel or iron. The zinc layer forms a barrier that protects the underlying steel by providing sacrificial or galvanic corrosion protection on the steel...
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    Test Sieves - (79 companies)
    Test sieves are stainless steel or brass round frames with extremely accurate openings. Wire cloth is usually of stainless steel or brass with nonstandard wire diameters. Test Sieves Information. Test sieves are woven wire or perforated metal pans...
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Last year, this company underwrote $3 billion in premiums, and the company continues to grow. Each policy requires a paper back-up, which was stored on 7' x 36" open steel shelving. This constant need for increased storage drove the company to expand its facilities to multiple warehouse locations...

Show More incorporated into a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility to increase storage capacity or create additional production areas and workspaces. It can be made of structural steel, roll-formed steel, aluminum or fiberglass and built to fit exact specifications for the area, height...

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  • Helicopter landing place of the country hospital in Bregenz
    The exporting ARGE I+R Schertler / Rhombergbau that had the helicopter landing place inclusive connecting web in the application requested by the firm Bitschnau GmbH ( steel construction company ) about an alternative to the cut variant.
  • Commercial vehicle technology
    The possibility to use fine grain structural steels remains to reserve for those companies that has suitable production devices (plasma cutting installation, bottom powder welding installation) longitudinal carrier in I form with variable flange and web dimensions to manufacture individually (image 4 …
  • Current Calibration and Quality Control Practices for Selected Measurement-While-Drilling Tools
    In general,· the service companies require about 10 ft. ,If open space around the tool, a7thoug,l one contractor claims no interfe"ence to the phase shift measurement with th~ir tool laid on a steel catwalk .
  • GM football - input pavilion of the Headquarters of General Motors in Detroit
    The "GM is football" by the so-called "GM Circulation ring", a on steel pull rods abgehängter, circular glass web (circular diameter about 50 m) in the interior … … Constructions Inc., already the third project, a subsidiary company of HOCHTIEF realized for …
  • Manual bridges
    … Kuhlmann, et al.: calculation and construction bases for sandwichähnliche composite carriers with trapezium webs in the bridge … Dusseldorf: research association steel application e. V. 2008, publisher-distribution society mbH, [Fouad, 1998] .
  • Plastics for construction protection and the emphasizing repair
    Often, these works belong not for power periphery of in the region of the monument care of active companies . The example of the repair of a cable web shows that can particularly exist the regions insufficiently compressed because of the technology still immature at present of the erecting of old reinforced concrete buildings on the shuttering side.
  • 20 years composite construction research at the university Kaiserslautern
    [23] Bode, H. J., stems: Reinforced steel composite carriers for the industrial building with large web openings. Study society steel application e.V. final report on AiF No. 8173, Dusseldorf 1993.
  • Grundhafte renewal of the large palm house in the palm garden in Frankfurt on the Main
    Friends of the palm garden Frankfurt, palm garden- society , on the Main. [2] Möll, R.: old steel welding and rivets in the train of the basic renewal of the "Iron web " in Frankfurt a. M. steel construction 66 (1997), H. 1, S. 1-11.
  • Rollfügen ‐ The "cool" path to the profile
    This skeleton allowed the processing of all three of the process steps: umformtechnisches grooves, profiling of the web and mating of the T shock-connection with single tool sets. In this stage of the process development, the study society steel application e. V., Dusseldorf, could be obtained this new mating technology in the framework of a publicly conveyed project with the title "development and test of an umformtechnischen mating method for …
  • Thrust problems in the constructive engineer construction
    [24] Valtinat, G.: full wall carrier with slender webs and vertical strips. Steel construction manual, 1 part A, steel construction- publisher , 1993, 719-730.

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