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  • Chemical Composition - Steels, Alloys and Stainless
    Chemical Composition - Steels, Alloys and Stainless Chart
  • Chemical Composition (.pdf)
    Chemical composition of stainless steel of deferrent standards
  • Steels for Strength
    Developed primarily for high-strength applications, these steels are usually heat-treated alloys that provide strengths at least equal to those of as-rolled steel. Heat-treated constructional alloy steels and the ultrahigh-strength steels are used in applications where high strength can
  • Steels for strength and machinability
    Two precipitation-hardenable steel alloys developed for use in aerospace applications bring benefits to other metal-using industries. Precipitation-hardenable (PH) stainless steels are turning up in more and more aerospace applications because they can be age hardened, sometimes after being cold
  • Carbon Steel
    by chemical composition, mechanical properties, method of deoxidation, or thermal treatment (and the resulting microstructure). Wrought steels are most often specified by composition. No single element controls the characteristics of a steel; rather, the combined effects of several elements influence
  • Stainless Steel and Welding Fume
    This Status Report provides information on the physical characteristics and chemical composition of fume generated during arc welding of stainless steels. It reviews the hazard that welding fume may represent and the evidence of risk that is posed for welders and those working in their vicinity
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures in Industrial Applications (.pdf)
    of industrial enclosures including composition, distinguishing properties of different grades, chemical resistances, suitable applications and general benefits offered by stainless steel when compared to carbon steel enclosures.
  • Medical Device Link .
    bits can be susceptible to wear. The products depicted have been treated with a chromium composition coating (ME-92, from ME-92 Operations) to improve wear resistance. The article begins with a brief survey of stainless steels their various categories, uses, and physical and chemical properties

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  • ASTM DS70 - Handbook of Steel Data: American and European
    Hot-Wrought and Cold Finished, General R~uirements for Free CuttinQ Steels- Technical Deliva~ Conditions for Semi-Finished Products, Hot-Rolled Bars and Rods Heat-Treated Steels, Alloy Steels and Free-Cutting Steels Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels .
  • Advanced Steels
    1) The PTT curve of Nb (C, N) precipitated in austenite and in ferrite is typical C shape, the nose temperature precipitated in austenite for common HSLA steel chemical composition at 880–930°C (see Fig. 6a), in ferrite at 670–720°C (see Fig. 6b).
  • Metallurgical modelling of welding 2nd Edition
    Effects of annealing time and steel chemical composition on the mean particle size of TiN.
  • New Materials and Processes
    Besides of t8 5 -cooling time, steel chemical composition is also necessary in order to estimate its hardness.
  • Advanced Heat Resistant Steels for Power Generation
    Table 2 Chemical composition of cast steel Chemical composition / wt% Heat Al A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 C Si 0.11 0.18 0.08 0.09 0.14 0.28 0.10 0.07 0.11 0...
  • Advances in Corrosion Control and Materials in Oil and Gas Production (EFC 26)
    The iron carbonate scales investigated in this study were formed by corrosion of low alloy C-Mn steels ( chemical composition in mass'zs: C 0.36-0.37; Si 0.19-0.25; Mn 1.26-1.32; Cr 0.03-0.11...
  • ZCP2012QCD05365L
    The steels chemical composition and initial state, together with the heat treatment process parameters, have a great impact on the results.
  • Advances in Manufacturing Science and Engineering
    Considering the influencing factors of various alloy elements and to obtain the properties, design of steel chemical composition , Testing analysis of steel sample after casting, he content of alloying elements on the test results in Table 1.