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  • Control of Welding Fume Particulates using Cleanable Filter Media as it relates to Hexavalent Chromium
    Herein, a Sentry Air Systems product study of hexavalent chromium particles, [Cr(VI)], is reported. Due to the popularity of extended life cleanable filter media and health concerns regarding hexavalent chromium exposure in the work place, Sentry Air Systems conducted a study of the efficacy
  • Oilmaster TM Eliminates Cutting Oil Mist at Steel Company
    The plant manager at a Chicago steel company was experiencing air quality problems being generated by a bar cutting operation. The cutting machine, which uses a water soluble cutting fluid, creates an oil mist in the plant air because of the heat generated at the source. This oil mist haze
  • Shot Particle Shapes (.pdf)
    The ideal shape for a shot particle is a sphere, but real shot particles are not perfect spheres. The most commonly employed media are cast steel and iron shot, cut steel and iron shot, cut steel wire shot, glass beads and ceramic beads. These media are manufactured either by spheroidising solid
  • Constant current excitation for Sensortechnics' SSO
    Sensortechnics' SSO series offers rugged OEM pressure sensors in a fully welded, media isolated stainless steel construction. These devices are temperature compensated from 0...50 °C when using. constant current excitation. This application note describes the design of an appropriate constant
  • Gauge Configurations for High Temperature Applications (.pdf)
    140° F is the maximum recommended ambient media temperature for NOSHOK pressure gauges with brass wetted parts, and 212° F for gauges with stainless steel wetted parts. For applications in which media reaches temperatures above 212° F, NOSHOK offers several accessories designed to prevent damage
  • MediaGauge Digital Pressure Gauges Family Overview
    The MediaGauge TM family of digital pressure gauges has four models. The MediaGauge TM models differ in accuracy, pressure ranges, media isolation, supply voltage, user functions and output capabilities. All MediaGauge TM digital pressure gauges contain a piezoresistive pressure sensing element
  • Medical Device Link .
    sizes. The peel-apart pouches in paper or film media can be sterilized. The RCN 160 wraps flat disposables, such as surgical gloves, gauze, wound dressings, or catheters, in pouches up to 160 mm wide. The RCN 270 comes in stainless steel and can create pouches up to 270 mm wide. The machines
  • When to go Linear
    . Optical encoders use a light scanning principle where two scaled gratings of equal graduations move relative to each other. A reflective glass or steel-tape media has nonreflective stripes forming one grating. An index grating of opaque strips on a transparent material moves along the reflective media
  • Dust and Fume Collectors for Blasting Applications
    Wheel blasting generates a very concentrated dust stream compared to room air blasting. The blasting media is usually steel shot. The dust that makes it to the dust collector is a combination of carbon mill scale, steel powder, and rust. The density is several hundred pounds per cubic foot. When
  • MICRO: Products
    features include backside rinse and topside edge-bead removal. The station has a compact 19 32-in. footprint and allows for self-contained process chemical and waste storage. Key Speedy 316L ISO components are used in high-temperature and corrosive applications in a wide range of media
  • Throwing it All Away
    and vertically into various niches through the process chain. Plastic bags replaced steel tanks for media and buffer storage, then morphed into mixing containers and bioreactors. Plastic tubing, valves and connectors encroached on stainless steel pipes and manifolds. Membrane filters appeared housed
  • Hydraulic Tube Fittings Deliver Leak-Free Performance and Long Life
    is driven by the following fluid system parameters: size, temperature, application, media, and pressure, often referred to as the acronym STAMP. Consider the tube outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness for all tube fittings. Most types are limited due to tube wall thickness. Flare-type fittings
  • Standard Specification for Tracer Materials
    The tracer in a steam tracing system must be as flexible as possible for ease of installation and conformance to the shape and layout of the process pipes and equipment being heated and must act as a leakproof carrier of the heating media. Whenever possible it is recommended that semi-rigid tubing
  • MICRO: Archive: Back Issue TOC
    deposition controller, aqueous develop/etch tool, excimer laser micromachining, sample-preparation platform, stainless-steel gas springs, wireless autoleveling sensor, wireless maskmaking sensor, linear CD source, FPD measurement tools, mask metrology system Vendor offers RF atom source/RF ion source