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  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    is produced by a thick film, conductive plastic potentiometer and the gear train. Digital output of the steering wheel position is achieved by a single optical ASIC (opto ASIC) incremental encoder that measures steering angle in 1 increments. The Potentiometer The analog portion is a potentiometer
  • Active Driving Pleasure Assisted by the Newly Developed Steering Aid Motor (.pdf)
    for maximum steering lock is considerably reduced. At higher. speeds the electric motor acts against the driver’s turning direction (Fig. 2). The gearbox speed is lower, resulting. in a smaller steering angle so that driving in a straight line becomes safer. In certain situations the electronic. control
  • A Supervisory Control to Manage Brakes and Four-Wheel-Steer Systems (.pdf)
    electronics and a microcontroller, along with. sensors for handwheel angle and for motor position, and. a communication bus provides vehicle speed and other. data. Looking next at how steering systems generate lateral. forces at the wheel, refer to Figure 2, which shows a. plan view of a single wheel
  • Wheel Alignment Systems
    is the. angle of the. steering pivot,. measured in. degrees,. when viewed. from the side. of the vehicle.
  • 2000 Buick Park Avenue-- Luxury ride eats snow drifts for breakfast
    system, there are three sensors detecting yaw, lateral acceleration, and steering-wheel angle. The sensors compare what the driver wants the car to do with how accurately the vehicle is responding. A computer controls antilock brakes and traction control to keep the car under control. During
  • How To Substantially Reduce Encoder Cost While Gaining Functionality With Multi-Turn Rotary Position Sensors (.pdf)
    . WhitePaper. In an automotive application, the RSM 2800 sensors can be used to determine. the actual vehicle steering angle over several rotations of the steering wheel. In warehouse applications RSM 2800 series sensors can be used to detect the. different opening positions of a roll-up door. A Range
  • A Statistical Approach for Real-Time Prognosis of Safety-Critical Vehicle Systems (.pdf)
    The paper describes the development of a vehicle stability indicator based on the correlation between various current vehicle chassis sensors such as hand wheel angle, yaw rate and lateral acceleration. In general, there is a correlation between various pairs of sensor signals when the vehicle
  • A Control System Methodology for Steer by Wire Systems (.pdf)
    , as shown in Figure 1. In this. This helps characterize the level of torque felt by the. particular architecture, the sensed road wheel (RW). driver as a function of the steering wheel angle input. A. force is used to command the hand wheel (HW) system. very good methodology for on-center analysis

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