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    Stencil Machines - (32 companies)
    Stencil Machines Information. Stencil machines cut or print fonts and symbols on materials and substrates. They are used to create stencils for marking applications, or to print stencils for SMT applications. Marking equipment is used to mark... Learn More
  • Fuse Holders-Image
    Fuse Holders - (520 companies)
    Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses. Blown fuses can be changed quickly and easily when used in conjunction with a fuse holder. Description. Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Battery Holders-Image
    Battery Holders - (161 companies)
    ...through holes in the board. Solder lugs - Battery holders with solder lugs are soldered to the device. Snap terminals - A holder with snap terminals can be snapped to the device. Wire leads - Batteries can also be connected to the device via wire... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • SMT Manufacturing Equipment-Image
    SMT Manufacturing Equipment - (152 companies)
    Surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing equipment is used to populate printed circuit boards (PCB). This includes soldering machines, ovens, component placement, paste depositors and screen and stencils. SMT Manufacturing Equipment Information... Learn More
  • Tool Holders-Image
    Tool Holders - (357 companies)
    Tool holders have three main parts: the taper, the flange, and the collet pocket. Driven or "live" tooling is powered. Static tooling is not. The taper is the conically-shaped area of the tool holder that enters the spindle during tool changing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Lens Holders - (27 companies)
    ...of a lens holder is to provide stability and keep optical elements firmly in place. Lens holders can also be used with filters, polarizers, pinholes, and many geometrically adaptable elements. The proper selection of a lens holder depends upon... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cuvette Holders - (12 companies)
    ...of cuvette holders: Number of cuvettes accommodated: The number of cuvettes the cuvette holder can have placed in it. This can be a small number for a cuvette holder for analysis or a larger number for a cuvette rack. Number of optical ports... Learn More
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    Mask and Stencil Fabrication Services - (40 companies)
    Custom Masking Video credit: Premier Thermal via Youtube. Custom Stencils Video credit: Stencil Ease via Youtube. Specifications. Mask and stencil materials typcially include, plastic, rubber, elastomer, metal, fiberglass cloth, fluoropolymer... Learn More
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    Corrosion Probes, Coupons, and Holders - (26 companies)
    Corrosion probes, corrosion coupons and corrosion coupon holders are corrosion-sensing devices that interface to instruments or monitors. This category also includes holders or access units for placing the probe or coupon within the process stream... Learn More
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    Door Stops and Holders - (68 companies)
    ...and holders engage and hold the door when it is opened to a sufficient degree or when the magnetic stopper is realigned with the holder on the door (as the case with fire doors). The user pulls on the door to free it for closure or when the magnetic... Learn More

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  • November 2013 Month-End Industry News - Nasa Tech Briefs :: Medical Design Briefs
    Photo Stencil, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO, a provider of high-performance stencils and tooling, has won the 2013 Global Technology Award from Global SMT & Packaging magazine, in the stencils , stencil holders , and nano-coatings category for its NiCutX-SmartRelease™ stencils.
  • Assembly in the power electronics for global markets
    In the framework of the technical and economic feasibility study, the realization of heating conductive paste printing over a multiple- stencil printing with an easily adapted standard- SMT printer was recommended. … foresight for transport of modules with heating conductive paste printing as the workpiece carrier is used in …
  • Mobile protection assistance
    … that are as hochleitfähige aqueous silver dispersions at the market, must Inkjet- or stencil printings with lower … The production takes place today with standard-PCB20 / (Starr-)Flex-Prozessen for FR4 / PI21 carriers including standard- SMT -Bauteilmontage22.
  • Springer Handbook of Engineering Statistics
    The company manufactures multilayer PCBs by using the surface-mount technology ( SMT ), which is a technique for … … off-contact printing, in which there is a snap-off distance between a stencil and a PCB. During a printing process, two PCBs are placed side-by-side on the holder of a screening …
  • Fine pitch stencil printing of Sn/Pb and lead free solders for flip chip technology
    The printing technology is widely used, e.g., in SMT assembly. The stencil printing process has many variables. printer, stencil holder .
  • aluminum casting - offers from aluminum casting manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    [ Related Keywords : Nylon Nozzle Holder, Nylon Sandblast Nozzle holder, Sand blasting nozzle holder, Nozzle Holder Sandblast Coupling ] [ Related Keywords : Aluminum Screen Printing Frames, Screen Printing Aluminum Frames, SMT Aluminum Frames, Screen Stencil ] .
  • A DMAIC approach to printed circuit board quality improvement
    The company manufactures multi-layer PCBs using surface mount technology ( SMT ), which is a technique of placing … … off-contact printing in which there is a snap-off distance between a stencil and a PCB. During a printing process, two PCBs are placed side- by-side on the holder of a screening …