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  • Output Voltage Ripple in Step-Down and Step-Up Switching Regulators

    Output voltage ripple is always an important performance parameter with DC-DC converters. For inductor-based switching. regulators, several key factors can affect this important parameter, including switching frequency, duty cycle, and. output capacitor value. Step-down and step-up switching

  • Creating and Inverting Power from a Step-Down Regulator (.pdf)

    When generating a negative output voltage from a positive input voltage, use the buck (step down) regulator that is already available. This step by-step procedure helps guide the user through designing an inverting power supply using a wide input voltage family of SWIFT dc/dc converters.

  • Step-Down DC/DC Converter Input Ripple and Noise

    When a step-down converter shares a common input voltage with other devices, the input noise generated by. the step-down converter may be sufficient to cause interference with the other devices. Simple filter methods. can be used to reduce the input noise, and simple models can be developed

  • Flow Down Impact on Nadcap Testing of Forged Parts

    of the requirements flowed down through the supply chain. The next step is sample preparation, which may include sectioning, machining, grinding, mounting, polishing or digestion of the sample. Conducting the test and report preparation are the last and often the most rapid operations performed

  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)

    II (prototype. Phase Matrix, Inc. (PMI) Phase I Small Busi-. development) next steps. ness Innovative Research (SBIR) investigative. study. The objective of this SBIR initiative was. INTRODUCTION. to assess the feasibility of developing a Radio. Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Down Con-. This paper

  • Six steps to Software Selection

    . remember them and write them down later. Page 5 of 12. Want. W. Acme Company. Emca, Inc. e. i. g. h. t. Comments. Score. Weighted. Comments. Score. Weighted. score. score. Work order Planning. 10. Standard. 9. 90. Can attach. 7. 70. work. work. instructions. instructions. database. Work order

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  • Re: Current Transformer

    I agree with you. Some of these posters are out for foul play but lets give the benefit of doubt. Current Transformers are used for stepping down current and not voltage. Voltage transformers (VT or PT for lower KVA) are used for stepping down voltage from higher to lower value. Power Transformers a...

  • Re: Breaker and a Half Bus Configuration

    Whew, you all are quick with the answers haha. Before I forget, pwr2thepeople, your link happens to be to the same address as the one in my quote on my initial post. Just thought it was convenient haha. Your example makes perfect sense, very well explained. But what if you turn your definition of t...

  • Re: my hydraulic trailer will not raise unassisted, and will not hold once raised???

    I was going to suggest that desireedog2 generate a hydraulic schematic but you did this verbally. I have dealt with hydraulic systems but never a dump bed specifically. I was wondering if this system may have separate safety hold valves or ones that would be build into other devices in the system. T...

  • Re: Breaker and a Half Bus Configuration

    The caiso map was really neat, getting to see all the different voltages at which it is being transferred, looks like around 500 kV seems to be the most common for longer distances and under 230 kV for the shorter. Which matches everything I've seen and heard, longer distances generally leads to hig...

  • Rewiring 2 120V legs to one 240V leg for oven elements

    Hello Everyone and Happy new year. I am into a project and I need some opinions and help. I have a USA Whirlpool oven/microwave. I moved to Europe and I am facing the 240v->120v issue. The issue is basically on the fact that the oven has 2 Live cables and a neutral cable thus I cannot use a...

  • Re: multisim spice model help

    I'm not sure what your question means: Did you draw a specific symbol, or place values in a transformer that was generated by multisim? If you drew your own, are you asking where to find terminals to place in your symbol so that you can connect to it (that will be specific to the way the...

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Triad Magnetics
Step Up/Step Down Leaded Autotransformer

Triad Step Up/Step Down Leaded Autotransformer 50-2000VA Single Primary and Secondary. The Triad Autotransformers Series is designed as a single-winding transformer in which the primary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-up or the secondary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-down. In ordinary double-wound power transformers, the primary and secondary are isolated and all the power is transferred by induction. In Autotransformers, part of the power...

Signal Transformer
Step Down Auto transformers Chassis Mount

Signal's Autotransformers provide the user the capability of adapting voltages for worldwide appliactions. Available in Chassis Mount configuration with leads or line cord and receptacle. Power from 100 VA to 2000 VA. Custom versions available. General Specifications For Step Down Auto Transformers: *Power- 100 VA to 2000 VA sizes. *Voltage -EB Version: 230V to 115V, 50/60Hz,. OF Version: 230V to 115V or 115 to 230V, 50/60Hz. *Connections: EB Version - Receptacle and line cord. OF Version: 8...

Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog
3-A Step-Down Converter with DCS-Control

The TPS62085, TPS62086, and TPS62087 device family are high frequency synchronous step-down converters optimized for small solution size and high efficiency. With an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 6.0 V, common battery technologies are supported. The devices focus on high efficiency step-down conversion over a wide output current range. At medium to heavy loads, the converter operates in PWM mode and automatically enters Power Save Mode operation at light load to maintain high efficiency over...