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Parts by Number for Step Up Converter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MP1517DR-LF-P ASAP Semiconductor MPS Not Provided IC SMT Step-Up Converter MP151
LT1316IS8#PBF National Microchip Linear Technology Not Provided IC DC/DC CONVERTER STEP-UP 8SOIC
E-L6920DTR National Microchip STMicroelectronics Not Provided IC CONVERTER STEP-UP 1V 8-TSSOP
TK11812MTL National Microchip Toko America Inc Not Provided DC-DC STEP UP CONVERTER SOT 23L

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  • Step-Up Switching Regulators
    as an on/off switch and the input current sensing is accom-. digital form by an A/D converter. plished by I . I is a current sense amplifier with three different. In conclusion, step-up converters offer high efficiency, low. C1. C1. current gains: 20, 50, and 100 V/V. The output of I (Pin 2) is. cost
  • Redundancy With Low Voltage, High Output Current DC/DC Converters
    ON resistance N channel MOSFETs. The circuit. the load at any given time while the rest of the converters. in Figure 2 requires an external bias supply V , which can be. CC. are in standby mode (no load). When one of the redundant. generated with a low-power, step-up converter, such as Beta
  • Inductor-Based Step-Up Switching Regulators
    output resistance the converter may. ficiency, small size and lower cost than isolated switching regu-. not be able to start. The regulator may remain in a hiccup mode,. lators (DC/DC converters). They are used to amplify (step up). or worse the input inductor may saturate and the input switching
  • Media Converters (.pdf)
    through at least five generations to keep up. the ground for future expansion. Many instal ers prefer to work. with increasing bandwidth requirements. with fiber because of its smal er diameter, lighter weight, and. Fiber, on the other hand, has a much higher innate carrying. ease of testing. Once
  • Output Voltage Ripple in Step-Down and Step-Up Switching Regulators
    Output voltage ripple is always an important performance parameter with DC-DC converters. For inductor-based switching. regulators, several key factors can affect this important parameter, including switching frequency, duty cycle, and. output capacitor value. Step-down and step-up switching
  • Mastering the PIC16C7X A/D Converter
    /discharge to the analog level on. The Analog-to-Digital converter (A/D) is the primary. the I/O pin before a conversion can be started. Source. tool that allows analog signals to be quantized into the. impedance and internal impedances add up to give an. world of digital electronics. Once the signal
  • Integrating Converter Analog Processor (TC500A)
    . For maximum. flexibility, you need a single converter to speed up when low. Most of the available converters, however, are “independent” and. accuracy is required. not subject to reconfiguration under software control — no matter. how smart your processor. For example, if your task involves 8-bit
  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    regulators, which are switching circuits designed around a PWM energy- storing element, such as an inductor or capacitor, to step up or step down a voltage source. Switching regulators offer higher efficiency than linear regulators, but they also feature higher voltage ripple. When a low ripple

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