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Parts by Number for Stop Gates Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
0842900300 PLC Radwell Bosch Safety Systems, Safety Interlock Switch LATCH STOP GATE 310A M1
0842900300 PLC Radwell Rexroth Safety Systems, Safety Interlock Switch LATCH STOP GATE 310A M1
0842900300 PLC Radwell Hamac Safety Systems, Safety Interlock Switch LATCH STOP GATE 310A M1
0842900300 PLC Radwell Skil Bosch Safety Systems, Safety Interlock Switch LATCH STOP GATE 310A M1
PNOZ13S1O PLC Radwell Pilz Safety Systems, Safety Relay EMERGANCY STOP RELAY GATE MONITOR 110VAC 6VA
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