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Parts by Number for Strain Clamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SUN 09F4001S25PN PEI-Genesis Sunbank Electronics Not Provided STRAIN REL CLAMP
SUN SE96-10E5 PEI-Genesis Sunbank Electronics Not Provided STRAIN RELIEF CLAMP
201182-4 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Hardware; Hardware Type = Strain Relief Clamp; Strain Relief Type = Short; Cable Opening Diameter = 28.58 x 13.97 mm; None Mounting Hardware;
200730-4 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Hardware; Hardware Type = Strain Relief Clamp; Strain Relief Type = Short; Cable Opening Diameter = 28.58 x 20.32 mm; None Mounting Hardware;
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  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    The most universal measuring device for the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities is the strain gage. Several types of strain gages depend on the proportional variance of electrical resistance to strain: the piezoresistive or semi-conductor gage, the carbon-resistive gage, the bonded
  • Sensor Film Shows Assembly Clamp Needs a Redesign
    Load cell and torque/pressure-sensor maker recently had problems assembling load cells to spec. The load cells employ a metal foil strain gauge that 's adhesively bonded to the sensor. The spec calls for 50 to 75 psi of clamping pressure during assembly. Technicians ran nondestructive tests (NDT
  • Load-Frame Monitoring for Injection Molding Machines
    molding machines per year. These machines are used to manufacture general purpose plastics products. Typically, accessory clamps and strain gauges are used on injection molding machines to measure tonnage. Recently, Negri & Bossi devised an easier, more cost-effective method by using the high
  • Medical Device Link .
    stairways. It is designed to cause less strain to users. Design and supply credits go to Scori Mold and Engineering Inc. (Centerville, MI) and Alexandria Extrusions (Alexandria, MN). The Angel telemetry unit manufactured by (Arleta, CA) is a low-cost, single-patient-use radio transmitter
  • How tight is right?
    . Bolted assemblies act as two springs -- the fastener in tension and the bolted components in compression. An elastic joint results when a fastener flexes more than the clamped parts and overcomes resistance to joint compression. Fastener tension is measurable with various devices including strain
  • Medical Device Link .
    niche below Walkaway Specialists, being suitable for product testing at an individual level. The robust and reliable automated testing systems are designed to provide accurate data in testing devices with respect to users ' propensity to develop repetitive strain injury or work-related upper limb
  • Accessorize Your Cable Carrier
    specifically designed for its lines of cable carriers and continuous-flex cables: Chainfix clamps. Chainfix clamps provide strain relief in Energy Chain® cable carriers using clamps and pressure elements. They can be used with igus® KMA brackets. Learn more. Tie-wrap clamps. When using tie-wrap clamps
  • Ways to Measure the Force Acting on a Rotating Shaft
    reliable data from objects moving. A torque sensor or transducer converts torque into an electrical signal. The most common transducer is a strain gauge that converts torque into a change in electrical resistance. The strain gauge is bonded to a beam or structural member that deforms when a torque

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