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  • True Mass Flow Meters
    True mass flow meters directly measure the mass rate of flow. They include thermal meters and Coriolis meters. Thermal meters use a heated sensing element isolated from the medium flow path. The flow stream conducts heat from the sensing element. The conducted heat is directly proportional
  • Sensor Design Key Advantage In Thermal Mass Flow Meter Performance
    Immersible thermal sensors are finding growing acceptance in the gas flow measurement field. By using two Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (PRTDs) immersed in a stream of flowing gas, modern thermal flow meters can directly measure mass flow, without the need for temperature or pressure
  • Chemical Injection Flow Meters
    As oil is being pumped up from below the ocean floor, chemicals are added to the production stream for various purposes, including Exxon Mobil s Gas Corrosion Inhibitor. These chemicals must be closely monitored in real time as they are added, as is the case from the Angola Block 15 Kizomba A and B
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection System Requires Compact Flow Measurement Solution
    . lead process engineer for the project. Even with the split run fluid stream to. the multiple well heads, the V-Cone Flow. Meter remains accurate. This level of. accuracy is significant because the process. injects 70 million cubic feet of CO2 gas per. day, but the gas remains in the ground
  • Medical Device Link .
    this concern, manufacturers are expanding their efforts to make glucose meters that take continuous measurements. Rather than a single measurement, a busier type of monitor produces a continuous stream of glucose readings. Some continuous monitors rely on under-the-skin sensors; others do
  • Environmental Noise Control Trends in Instrumentation
    straightforward, and inexpensive, to include complex electronic circuitry to the microphone itself. Some of these MEMS microphones, such as the one used in the Noise Sentry RT, include circuitry to convert the acoustic signal to a digital stream directly at the component level. This presents several
  • Low Cost High Quality SERVO/FILL® Liquid Filling Machines
    Oden Corporation designs, manufactures and markets electronically controlled positive displacement liquid filling, dosing and metering equipment, configured as benchtop liquid fillers, semi-automatic liquid filling machines, and fully automatic liquid filling systems, and continuous stream digital
  • Leak Detection in Pipelines
    a rotor assembly and pickup coil. The flowmeter measures velocity at a specific point in the fluid stream. Volumetric flow can be inferred provided the I.D. of the line is known. Accuracies can approach ±0.25% depending on the type of transmitter specified with the flowmeter.
  • Circuit Ideas: Setting Up a Low-Power Transceiver
    stream on DIO controls the frequency shift-keyed output. In this case a PIC16F62X processor generates the bit stream and reads the demodulated output through one of its bidirectional I/O ports. Similarly, it handles chip configuration through a three-wire digital serial interface on PCLK, PDATA, and PALE
  • Space-Saving Machine Counts, Fills and Caps
    rotate, products are collected from the hopper and held in place until they reach the lowest point of rotation where they are released into the counting head in a single stream. The innovative counting head features a unique 'quad count' optical matrix, which detects tablets or capsules around four