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  • Designing Heat Meters Using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers
    . The second type is where the meter has a. magnet that circulates with the flow. A Hall effect. sensor is used to detect the presence of the magnet. and outputs a digital pulse stream. Both of these. outputs can be tied to the clock input of a counter on the. microcontroller. The T0CKI input
  • Using the SLMS Output of the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters (.pdf)
    of the meter. (see Figure 1) and is referenced to the meter’s Neutral connection. If the device reading the meter is not. referenced to Neutral, optical isolation will be required. The data output by the meter will consist of either. consumption pulses every 1/10 of a kilowatt-hour or a serial data stream
  • Chemical Injection Flow Meters
    As oil is being pumped up from below the ocean floor, chemicals are added to the production stream for various purposes, including Exxon Mobil s Gas Corrosion Inhibitor. These chemicals must be closely monitored in real time as they are added, as is the case from the Angola Block 15 Kizomba A and B
  • True Mass Flow Meters
    True mass flow meters directly measure the mass rate of flow. They include thermal meters and Coriolis meters. Thermal meters use a heated sensing element isolated from the medium flow path. The flow stream conducts heat from the sensing element. The conducted heat is directly proportional
  • Sensor Design Key Advantage In Thermal Mass Flow Meter Performance
    Immersible thermal sensors are finding growing acceptance in the gas flow measurement field. By using two Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (PRTDs) immersed in a stream of flowing gas, modern thermal flow meters can directly measure mass flow, without the need for temperature or pressure
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation
    . stable and repeatable. FCI’s thermal mass flow sensing. technology places two thermowell protected platinum. RTD temperature sensors in the process stream. Figure 7: FCI MT86 Series Flow Meters. One RTD is heated while the other senses the actual. process temperature. The temperature differential
  • Biogas Thermal Mass Flow Meter Improves Operation of S.P.M. Feed Company's Methane Recovery System (.pdf)
    at temperatures from -18 °C. to 121 °C and withstands pressures up to 500 psig [34 bar (g)]. The ST51’s thermal dispersion mass flow measurement. technology places two thermowell protected platinum 1000 ohm. RTD temperature sensors in the process stream. One RTD is. heated while the other senses
  • FCI Best Practices Engineering Guide
    . Settling Distance – 3-4 pipe diameters of settling distance between the flow conditioner and flow. needs. meter installation location are required to fully condition the flow stream. 3. Figure 4: Pipe Installation Orientation Options for Insertion Style Flow Meters. Installation in Horizontal Pipe
  • Medical Device Link .
    this concern, manufacturers are expanding their efforts to make glucose meters that take continuous measurements. Rather than a single measurement, a busier type of monitor produces a continuous stream of glucose readings. Some continuous monitors rely on under-the-skin sensors; others do

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