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  • Residual Load Testing of Anchor Bolts
    choose the easier way to access the data, and the free dEX configuration software was easy to learn and navigate. As a result of weeks ' worth of logging, analysts had determined the bolt tightness needed for security in a wide range of structural conditions, significantly improving their product
  • Failure Analysis: Excessive Tensile Loading Can Result in Necking, Thread Spreading and Ductile Overload Failure
    . A typical root area is shown in Figure 5. Micro-structural Examination. Longitudinal cross-sections were cut through the center of the fractured surfaces of bolts A and B. The cross sections were examined with the light microscope at magnifications ranging from 25X to 1000X in the as-polished condition
  • ConXtech: Robotic Welding Reduces Weld Time by 92 Percent
    In Fall 2000, Robert J. Simmons, a 30-year veteran of the structural concrete industry, developed a concept for constructing mid-rise residential structures using a steel moment space frame system. The system, called SMRSF, is comprised of a proprietary bolted collar system for interconnecting
  • Alltec Protection Pyramid
    transients traveling on incoming electric, rf, telephone, coax, and data lines, as well as other internal equipment, and from direct surges, secondary, and electromagnetic effects. Finally, a well-designed structural lightning protection system will be installed. TerraStat (R), TerraStreamer (R
  • An Integrated Approach to Engine Radiated Acoustics
    Numerical Engine Acoustics uses excitation forces obtained from dynamic multibody analysis using Virtual.Lab Motion, from external calculations or from mearsurements. With this dynamic load data and the structural modes, the surface vibrations are evaluated for multiregime conditions from which
  • Pyroshock Explained
    This Tech Note provides an introduction to the mechanical. environment of pyroshock. Specifically, it (1) defines. pyroshock, (2) identifies those situations where pyroshock. can induce equipment failure, (3) explains the response of. structural systems to pyroshock, and (4) discusses. uniqueness
  • Tougher and stronger glue
    The latest structural adhesives replace rivets, bolts, welding, and other traditional fastening methods. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman You will probably never live to see the day when cars and trucks are completely glued together, with no mechanical fasteners to be found. But more and more connections
  • Understanding the Nut Factor in Threaded-Fastener Torque-Tension Relationship
    load that prevents movement between joint members. Such movement is arguably the most common cause of structural joint failures. The relationship between applied torque and the tension created is described by the relationship: T = K x D x F = nut factor, sometimes called the friction factor, = bolt
  • Cannon Boiler Works Uses FARO for Unique Application with Great Faith
    and finned tubes with pipe headers on the tube side. CBW must measure and report the tube side flanges relative to the centers of the structural flange bolt hole patterns. They must also report the integrity of the structural flange bolt hole patterns themselves as they tend to distort after welding
  • Casing the extrusion joint
    compartment in Ford GT supercars. Some 35 different extruded profiles from form a stiff, strong, and lightweight platform. Chassis are assembled using a combination of robotic MIG and friction stir welding. In addition, bolt-on extrusions add structural support to the engine compartment and also

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