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  • An Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Testing of Aerospace Structures
    doing frustrating test-setup troubleshooting.Testing MethodsTwo types of testing methods exist to identify the modal parameters: phase resonance testing and phase separation testing.Phase Resonance MethodThe phase resonance method has been used for decades to identify the modal parameters of air
  • MICRO: Product Tech News
    parameters. (Semicon West, S.F., South Hall, Booth 2141) The HDV-series air diaphragm valve is a compact unit constructed from rugged PVC. Featuring a PTFE diaphragm, the valve is for use in skid-mounted water and chemical distribution systems. Its compact design allows for easy installation in areas
  • Magnetic Treatment of Diesel Fuel
    , and combustion efficiency. Studies have shown incomplete combustion is a major cause of diesel air pollution, especially soot and particulates, which are a major health concern. Particulates consist mainly of carbonaceous conglomerations that can be traced to incomplete combustion. Poor fuel mixing
  • Comparison of Gypsum Dewatering Technologies at Flue Gas Desulfurization Plants (.pdf)
    (calcium sulfate) by bubbling compressed air. through the sulfite slurry in the tower recirculation tank or in a separate vessel. Because of their larger. size and structure, gypsum crystals settle and dewater better than calcium sulfite crystals, reducing the. required size of by-product handling
  • Fonts in the Microchip Graphics Library
    , to simple devices, such as home For simple, low-cost devices, market economics make air-conditioner and security controllers, coffee makers it impossible to provide individual functionality for every and door entry keypads. Most of the simpler devices character in languages with such large character
  • New ICs will make appliances more efficient
    Integrated circuits aimed at managing motors and power supplies may help boost the efficiency of such consumer goods as air conditioners, washer/dryers, refrigerators, and video games. Permanent-magnet synchronous motors are beginning to replace split-phase induction motors in appliances as a means
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Predictions of what medical care may be like in coming decades offer dramatic images of advanced healthcare. Among the visions of things to come are hospital ventilation systems capable of monitoring ambient air to identify the presence of visitors who may
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    method such as a compressor-based or thermoelectric system. A fan, for example, can be used to remove the heat generated inside an electronics cabinet. If the cabinet is sealed, a heat sink or heat pipe is needed. If the cabinet's temperature must be controlled, a heat pump or air conditioner