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  • Wired 11.09: The Best Defense Is a Good Upgrade
    engineers who designed it. Which is what you'd expect from a 4.5 billion dollar boat. USS Ronald Reagan. Ed Kashi. NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE. VERSION 1.0 A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the Reagan is the first built since the '90s tech boom. Engineers strung 200 miles of fiber-optic cable through
  • Real-Time Networking with Reflective Memory (.pdf)
    dynamic packet sizing (4 to 64 bytes), DMA capability for. minimal CPU overhead, up to 256 Mbyte DRAM, 2.12 Gbaud fiber. Reflective Memory LANs or Real-time Networks are usually. optic connections, and a sustained 170 MB/s transfer rate. This. constructed because the designer has needs or problems