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    Submersible Druck pressure transducers (see Figure 5.9), Model PDCR 1830, were used to measure excess pore � � the change in output voltage with a nonlinearity of 2% full-scale as reported by the manufacturer . During installation, the penetration rate was controlled at 1.5 in./min using a steel wire hanging the model from the load frame and connected to the stepper motor (see Figure 6.1).
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    [ Related Keywords : submersible pump, centrifugal submersible pump, pump, sand pump ] [ Manufacturer ] New Peristaltic Pump Dosing Pump with 42 Imported Stepper Motor Tubing Hose Pump .
  • Characterization of high-frequency, single-element focused transducers with wire target and hydrophone
    � 40 �m geometri- cal aperture, a 9 �m-thick PVDF element, and a 12 dB submersible preamplifier. The transducer was rotated 3? per step by a Supe- rior Electric Slo-Syn stepper motor (Model M061-FC02, Superior Electric, Bristol, CT) with a Slo-Syn Transla- tor (Model SS2000MD4, Superior Electric). Onda needle hydrophone Manufacturer .
  • Oil hydraulic system
    � bands, elements of the 3DMehrk�rpermechanik, elastic elements as well as CAD geometry imported to mass and inertia properties; � electrical engineering / electronics: electrical basic modules like resistances, coils and capacitors, semiconductors, lines and sensors, motors, stepping motors and converters; � magnetics � � valves, - hydraulic and pneumatic systems in vehicles like brakes, air springs, - over and subsea applications in the � For interested readers, free student and test versions are available on the homepage of the manufacturer (www.simulationx. de / downloading).
  • Electricity in modern waterworks practice
    How- ever, the higher initial cost and inherently lower efficiency and inaccessibility of a submersible machine, compared with a conventional pumpset with air-cooled motor , only justify its use where a building could not be permitted and where the set is so � � is chain-driven from a float, the "feet" and "inches" faceplates and the relays and stepper switches. A later development by another manu- facturer employs high and low tones in the same manner, whilst another system reverts to the recorded voice technique using magnetic tape instead of a record of the gramophone type.
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    [ Related Keywords : NEMA23, stepper motor, pm stepper motor , motor ] Manufacturer : Dongguan Hongming Machinery Co.,Ltd(Sales) � Submersible Pump .
  • Water Pump from Ningbo Sunelec Co.,Ltd., China
    � * Product Name: Synchronous Motor Stepper Motor ��� * Model No: ... Related Searches : pump, water pump, centrifugal pump, pumps, submersible pump, oil pump, water pumps China Water Pump Manufacturers : .
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    [ Related Keywords : NEMA17, motor, pm stepper motor , geared motor ] Manufacturer : A&S Machinery Co.,Ltd. � Submersible Pump .
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    Products/Services:Micro Brushless DC Pump, Micro Submersible Pump, Solar Pump, Self-priming Pump, Micro DC Motor , Electric Faucet, Bluetooth handset Business Type: Manufacturer Products/Services: stepper motor, stepper motor driver, stepper motor controller .
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