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    support, but in severe applications or for ease of retrieving the. cable if dropped into the wet well an external support cable is recommended. Typically the transmitter is terminated in a control panel where the signal is feed into a pump controller. GP:50 also provides a 2 or. 4 channel pump
  • Selection Of Natural Gas Wellhead Feedthroughs
    to Wellhead, Reliable Sealing is Essential. Extraction techniques vary depending upon the formation geology, but often include downhole electric submersible pumps and a variety of downhole instrument packages requiring power, control and sensor connections. In each application, extreme care must
  • Pressure Measuring Instruments: Part 3 in a 5-Part Series
    transmitter, is a special type of pressure transmitter used for level measurements in tanks, wells, shafts, and bore holes. For this application the level transmitter measures the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the vessel or well. The choice of material for the case, cable and the seals
  • Water Treatment Plant, County-Wide Expansion-Bonita Springs, Florida
    and odor control system, a storm water pump station and an injection and monitoring well system all. utilizing ConirolLogix remote I/O, fiber optic media and ControlNet protocol. A high service pump master utilizing. redundant ConlrolLogix PLC’s communicating with the high service pump drives via