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  • Re: Submersible Pump Installation

    May be Battery...

  • Re: Submersible Pump Installation

    Not having had much experience with larger deep wells, but understanding that these pumps require critical flows for cooling,I surmised the reason for an initial filling of distilled (or potable) water for a deep well submersible (thinking the foot valve would trap the charge), would be to provide c...

  • Re: Submersible Pump Installation

    The best solution is to go through the manufacturer,s instructions. In Saudi Arabia in a German made famous pump 1) we filled with transformer oil for submersibles in sewage systems(homes,stations) 2) we filled with distilled water for deep well submersible water pumps I believe this is for coo...

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    Not required to fill distilled water. Pump external fluid is act as aheat transfer medium in case of submercible pump...

  • Re: Submersible Pump Installation

    Here is a link to Hayward wet stator pumps: http://www.haywardtyler.com/?page_id=1&link_id=1 I could not find anything about distilled water.

  • Re: Submersible Pump Installation

    Dear sir, Please scan the page of the instruction manual of the pump that tells you to do this and post it here. I'm concerned that you may have misintepretated what was written there. I have worked with may brands, makes and models of submersible pumps and I have never heard of one that requir...

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  • How the Bluefin-21 Searches For Flight 370 Wreckage on the Ocean Floor (Infographic)

    Unmanned submersible uses sonar to scan the ocean floor and return a 3D map to the surface.

  • Research and Markets: Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/sdw642/global_metering) has announced the addition of the "Concise Analysis of the International Metering Pump Market" report to their offering. The increased popularity of digital pumping solutions is a major trend in the Global Metering Pump market. Digital pumps have process controllers and variable speed drives. The advanced digital pumps are capable of detecting flaws in the system such as cavitation

  • Risks Of Canned Motor Pumps With Molten Sulfur

    Dear friends, Our Client wants to change the existing Centrifugal pumps for molten sulfur service into canned motor pumps. The present Centrifugal pumps have a lot of problem with Mechanical seal. If canned motor pumps is used for molten sulfur service , what all problems may be occured in future.

  • Steam Ejector

    Ejectors are mostly used for effecting vacuum. Are ejectors used for pumping liquids? I have come across several get pumps, primarily to act as booster for centrifugal pumps which has suction level beyond 30 feet. But my question is can steam be used in an ejector set-up to pump water? I could p

  • The NEC and Storage Batteries

    By Mark Lamendola, Electrical Consultant Article 480 provides the electrical installation requirements for all stationary installations of electrical storage batteries. read more

Product Announcements for Submersible Well Pump Installation
Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc.
Griffin Pump's Deep Well Dewatering System

Griffin's  deep well dewatering system is also a versatile predrainage dewatering system which can pump high and low volumes of groundwater. This method is best suited to homogeneous aquifers that extend well below the bottom of the excavation. Deep well systems consist of one or more individual wells, each of which has its own submersible pump at the bottom of the well. Deep well systems are suitable for water-table or confined aquifers and will lower the water table 100 feet or more...

Keller America, Inc.
Submersible Level Transmitters

it the ideal choice as a well level sensor or tank level gauge. The Keller Acculevel provides extreme accuracy over a wide range of temperature with dual analog + digital outputs, making it a most versatile submersible hydrostatic level transmitter, ideal for use in environmental applications. The Keller LevelRat, with its unobstructed Kynar sensing diaphragm, has no equal in the world of self cleaning pump station level sensors. Best of all, Keller level transducers provide the user...

PMC Engineering LLC (formerly Process Measurement & Controls, Inc.)
PMC Submersible Wastewater Level Transmitter

The PMC VersaLine VL2000 Series submersible level transmitters are specifically designed for use in wastewater and pump/lift station applications. The ceramic sensing element provides a rugged flush open face design which avoids clogging or sludge build up from materials often encountered in wastewater. The stainless steel construction will satisfy most applications. Where chemical environments dictate an option of Titanium is available. The standard polyurethane vented cable is molded...