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  • Troubleshooting Infrequent Alarms in a Substation
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided a dataTaker DT80 datalogger for a manufacturer experiencing 'Under Frequency' alarms at their electrical substation which were slowing production. Maintenance staff wanted to log their power levels, but the infrequent nature of these faults meant that they would
  • Embedded Computers in Substation Automation (.pdf)
    Power substations play a critical role in transporting electricity from power plants to homes, businesses, and factories. However, a typical power grid can be comprised of hundreds of substations that need to monitored and controlled. Thanks to the rapid growth of computer and communication
  • EIP Application in Power Substation Integrated Automatic System (.pdf)
    The rising of power system automatic industry makes more and more unmanned power substation appeared, this content covers the applications of EVOC EIP in power substation integrated automatic system. This system is a hierarchical and distributed integrated automatic system. It consists
  • SPC-0101 Box PC Application in Automation Communication System of Transformer Substation (.pdf)
    With the developing of electric power industry, the automation degree of electric power equipments is increasing rapidly; communication management system of electric power is playing an important role in automation of transformer substations. It includes communication between acquisition control
  • Electric Substation Monitoring (.pdf)
    that will improve the reliability of electric power delivery while reducing costs. FLIR is participating in these efforts by working with various partners and utilities to improve the monitoring of power distribution substations. Through the use of FLIR's "smart" infrared cameras and automation software
  • Remote Monitoring of Substation Facilities
    A Web server based on the F&eIT microcontroller provides remote monitoring of scattered substations via the DoPa (similar to GPRS) network to build up a system of preventive maintenance and quick troubleshooting
  • All-in-one Workstation Applications in Rural Power Substation Automatic System (.pdf)
    China has a large rural area with great population. Therefore, it becomes very important to develop the automatic system of power substations in countryside. According to Suggestions for Rural Automation and Communication System Construction, rural power substations introduce automation mode
  • Smart and Synchronized Substation Automation with IEEE 1588v2 Embedded Computers
    The latest buzzword in the power industry is "Smart Grid," a revolution that promises to make power distribution more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective by applying information technology. The basic concept is simple: upgrade the power grid to accomplish the same amount of work with less
  • Restoration of Glycol Cooling Systems on Thyristors at the Nicolet Substation (.pdf)
    Thyristors serve as electric switches used to control capacitive load. Since they can emit a great deal of heat, cooling is essential to their operation and to the stability of the network they serve.

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