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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1308469 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided SUBSTATION INSULATIO

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  • Switchyards and Substations
    Switchyards and Substations A Switchyard or Substation, consisting of large breakers and towers, is usually located in an area close to the plant. The substation is used as the distribution center where: Often there are at least 2 main Buses. Very high voltages (typically 220,000 or 345,000 volts
  • The Ethernet Checklist for Power Substations
    , communication infrastructures based on Ethernet technology have already been successfully deployed at power substations around the world. For example, one power substation required a network architecture where different types of data, including RTU control data, VOIP audio data, and video data would
  • Embedded Computers in Substation Automation (.pdf)
    technology, power substations are becoming more automated and increasingly deploy intelligent devices to monitor and control unmanned facilities. Key factors to establishing successful substation automation systems include faster and more reliable networking solutions such as embedded computers. This white
  • Remote Monitoring of Substation Facilities
    to a PC at the control center, where statistical data processing is conducted. Constant remote monitoring of substations has long been an problem to be solved because substation facilities normally run unattended and must not remain dysfunctional for a long time even in the case of a substation failure
  • Troubleshooting Infrequent Alarms in a Substation
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided a dataTaker DT80 datalogger for a manufacturer experiencing 'Under Frequency' alarms at their electrical substation which were slowing production. Maintenance staff wanted to log their power levels, but the infrequent nature of these faults meant that they would
  • Electric Substation Monitoring (.pdf)
    that will improve the reliability of electric power delivery while reducing costs. FLIR is participating in these efforts by working with various partners and utilities to improve the monitoring of power distribution substations. Through the use of FLIR's "smart" infrared cameras and automation software
  • SPC-0201 Used in Unmanned Substations (.pdf)
    The electricity supply is a prerequisite for social production and people's daily lives. It is a difficult task to maintain the uninterrupted supply of electricity and at the same time to control increased running costs. The solution to distant monitoring of unmanned substations helps
  • EIP Application in Power Substation Integrated Automatic System (.pdf)
    The rising of power system automatic industry makes more and more unmanned power substation appeared, this content covers the applications of EVOC EIP in power substation integrated automatic system. This system is a hierarchical and distributed integrated automatic system. It consists