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  • Can Anyone Help On Electric Over-Head Crane Pendant Cable Wiring Diagram

    i ordered for a pendant control to replace a bad one and it came without the cable, just the control. i want to replace the old malfunctioning control with the newly arrived one but i just dont have an idea of the wiring, as the new control is a bit different from the old one. the new contro

  • Tracking a gigantic sunspot across the Sun

    An active region on the sun - an area of intense and complex magnetic fields - rotated into view on Oct. 18, 2014. Labeled AR 12192, it soon grew into the largest such region in 24 years, and fired off 10 sizable solar flares as it traversed across the face of the sun. The region was so large it could be seen without a telescope for those looking at the sun with eclipse glasses, as many did during a partial eclipse of the sun on Oct. 23.

  • Exclusive: Iron Man 3 Costume

    Wired gets an exclusive look at the Iron Man 3 costume Wired video team: Annaliza Savage, producer; John Ross and Mike Ruocco, camera; Mario San Miguel and Fernando Cardoso, editors. Originally from New Videos

  • Software & Programing Cable of PILZ Make PLC, Model - PSS 3047 3

    Dear Experts I am having a Pilz make PLC in my machine, Model - PSS 3047 3, i need your help for downloading the Pilz Software & Its Programing cable (connector diagram) for communication (i can make/solder by my own after getting connector diagram) And the same for SIEMENS make PLC, Mod

  • How to capture 1,500 solar images in a five minute flight

    Quick: how do you aim an instrument at the Sun from a moving rocket on a fifteen minute suborbital flight?

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Cole-Parmer Contact Tachometers

Rugged aluminum construction —ideal for industrial applications. Easily switch between 16 measuring modes with front-panel dial. Dial in any one of the 16 measuring modes —these tachometers calculate the readings for you! Select the LCD model for use in direct sunlight, or choose the LED model for easy reading in dim lighting. Both models feature a large memory capacity —use the memory button to recall maximum, minimum, and the last ten readings. Low-battery indicator notifies...

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ARC Systems, Inc. can create custom tachometers to match your specifications. ARC Systems, Inc. complete line of AC Motor-Tachometer Generators is designed to meet the requirements of MIL-S-22820. These components range from size 8 to 23 and operate at 60 Hz. or 400 Hz. They are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 pole designs. Custom units that operate at other frequencies are available. ARC Systems, Inc. supplies hundred of motor-tachometer-generators for military, commercial, aerospace...