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  • PPE Helps Lufthansa Super Star Fly again
    The diaphragm was too thin to manufacture and the recommended silicone material did not meet the maximum temperature requirement of the original material. Any changes made to the design/material needed to be approved by a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) from an aerospace governing body,
  • Hubble Discovers Powerful Laser Beamed from Chaotic Star
    Darth Vader take heart. Astronomers have discovered a powerful ultraviolet laser beam, several times brighter than our Sun, shooting toward Earth from a super-hot "death star. " The observations, made with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have identified a gas cloud that acts as a natural ultraviolet

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  • Planetologie of extrasolarer planets
    For mass plumbings of larger star fields, other methods are suited however better.
  • Experimental physics 4
    2) can the section 12.3 the problem the through air unrest, statistically largely determined to dissolve fluctuating optical path lengths and large-telescopes can be connected today to distances up to 200 m from a large star -interferometer and an angular …
  • The Dark universe
    Or differently asked: Which effect holds the off alive universe over a longer time, while it prevents that the material that is strongly compressed in a large star immediately explodes?
  • Cosmos xxxtrem!
    The fuel consumption increases by larger stars so dramatically that the slogan "Lives for it, quickly, die immaturely" applies.
  • Compact Star Clusters in Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
    Statistical considerations emphasize the peculiarity of super star clusters in dwarf galaxies, which are too small to sample the cluster mass function to that extreme.
  • Introduction into Extragalaktische astronomy and cosmology
    ben gives it further classes of galaxies like the Irregular and dwarf galaxies, assets galaxies to star burst-galaxies whereat last shows compared with normal galaxies a huge star formation rate.
  • Introduction in astronomy and astrophysics
    We consider consisting of a binary star system in Abb. 8.3 how of a large star 1 and a lesser companion star 2.
  • Physical myths on the test bench
    E.G., the constellation is ( large ) the that like the still larger Eridanus bubble Orion spatially only little larger than that we very close Barnard'sche SN residue on the sky reach us almost or quite.
  • 50 key idea astronomy and cosmology
    In larger stars , this process extends accelerated because nitrogen and oxygen are involved the elements carbon in following reactions.
  • Starbursts
    Near-Infrared Super Star Clusters in Starburst and Luminous Infrared Galaxies .
  • Remarkable Disk and Off-nuclear Starburst Activity in the "Tadpole Galaxy" as revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope
    A few of these clusters have earned the distinction of being " super star clusters", or super-massive star clusters, possessing total masses and stellar densities that rival globular clusters and dwarf galaxies (M > 105 Mo).
  • Time path
    Thereby, lesser stars arise very much more frequent than large stars .
  • Astrobiologie
    The great star density and the high star formation rate in the Bulge lead in turn to comparatively frequent supernova explosions.
  • Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution
    Occasionally we witness SFDGs involved in extreme starbursts, giving rise to strongly elevated production of super star clusters and global superwinds, mechanisms yet to be explored in more detail.