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  • Hubble Discovers Powerful Laser Beamed from Chaotic Star
    Darth Vader take heart. Astronomers have discovered a powerful ultraviolet laser beam, several times brighter than our Sun, shooting toward Earth from a super-hot "death star. " The observations, made with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have identified a gas cloud that acts as a natural ultraviolet
  • Chemists Calculate Structure Of Puzzling "Scrambler " Molecule
    , " or CH5+, is also called a "super acid, " and it is a short-lived player in the chemical reactions that make petroleum products. CH5+ should also be present in interstellar clouds where stars and planets form, said chemistry at Ohio State University . McCoy hopes that the work she and her team
  • Astronomers Find Part Of Universe's Missing Matter
    . Missing since: 10 billion years ago. Consider one more astronomical mystery solved. Scientists have located a sizeable chunk of the universe that seemed to be missing since back when the stars first formed. It 's floating in super-hot rivers of gas, invisible to the naked eye, surrounding galaxies like
  • Joel Orr Commentary: The Next Generation
    must increase their output of engineers. It's quite a challenge. Growing up in a culture that lionizes sports players, movie stars, talk-show hosts, super-models, and the wealthy, adolescents are not drawn to professions that are intellectually demanding. That's why inventor/engineer Dean Kamen
  • Supercomputer for hire
    into ORNL's supercomputers include Boeing, Dream-works Animation, General Atomics, Harvard Univ., Auburn Univ., and the Univ. of Washington/Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In all, some 30 million processor hours will run this year on Jaguar, and roughly 6 million on Phoenix. Super

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