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  • Mission Supercritical
    in key benign solvents --supercritical carbon dioxide and near-critical water, to name two --opening the door for pharmaceutical applications. Supercritical CO2 is carbon dioxide that has been compressed to a degree where it exhibits some liquid, solvent-like properties. It is readily available
  • Hydrogen in Sapphire - Part 2
    and ceramic specimens were annealed in the presence of supercritical water at 850 or 900 degrees C under 1500 MPa pressure.
  • Hydrogen in Sapphire - Part 1
    Hydrogen impurities in materials influence their properties, including flow strength. Alpha alumina single crystals and polycrystalline ceramics were annealed in supercritical water between 850 and 1025 degrees C, under pressures in the range 1500 -2000 MPa. A few specimens were further subjected
  • MICRO:Industry News: Breakout #2 (Oct. '98, p.26)
    Anew photoresist stripping method that requires no toxic chemicals offers chipmakers the potential to save millions of gallons of water and attendant costs, claim the method's developers. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Hewlett-Packard have developed a supercritical carbon dioxide
  • MICRO:Tech Emergent
    are too close together to form a gas, and at sufficiently high temperatures, the energy of the molecules is so great that the materials cannot condense into a liquid. Carbon dioxide, water, and propane are examples of materials that have widely studied supercritical phases. becomes supercritical
  • Tuning in to New Solvents
    hydrolysis using CO expanded liquid and hot water Nolen, S.; Lu, J.; Brown, J.; Pollet, P.; Eason, B.; Griffith, K.; Glaser, R.; Bush, D.; Lamb, D.; Eckert, C.; Liotta, C.; Thiele, G.; Bartels, K., Olefin Epoxidations Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Without Added Metallic

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