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...used to calculate the fatigue life of the F-5E, also known as the Tiger II, and they had discovered that the airframes of the supersonic fighter were a lot farther along in their service lives than anyone had realized. ./5cc7db00-67f4-4f41-935b-8c731120a91a THE BEST Aftermarket Suppliers...

The X-35 JSF will be a supersonic bomber, a stealthy fighter, and a short-take-off, vertically landing warplane flown by U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine pilots, as well as the British armed forces. U.S. Marines will be able to land and take-off vertically with the JSF The Pratt & Whitney engine...

...through supersonic nozzles into the grinding chamber. Others require air heated beyond what a compressor can supply. Units have been installed operating up to 1,200 deg F. The profile of the mill may also be modified to adjust the output particle size. Some particles break very quickly and the mill must...

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Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing For Performance of Next Generation Supersonic Transport

ESA Science & Technology: Engineering
Testing the Heat Shield The Huygens venture literally hangs on the three different

Captive Trajectory Support Testing.  The CTS systems for AEDC's wind tunnels allow computer-controlled, six-degrees-of-freedom positioning of a
See Arnold Engineering Development Center Information

Unique Capability Tests Rain Erosion at High Speeds
The supersonic rain erosion testing apparatus at AFRL?s Coatings and Technology Integration Office simulates the impact of rain on aerospace systems

Wind tunnel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
7.2 Low-speed oversize liquid testing 7.3 Fan testing 7.4 Wind engineering testing 8 See also

Computational fluid dynamics - Wikipedia, the free...
Initial validation of such software is performed using a wind tunnel with the final validation coming in full-scale testing, e.g. flight tests.

Flow Fields - Engineering Fluid Dynamics - Mentor Graphics
Save valuable time over physical testing
See Mentor Graphics Corporation Profile & Catalog

STP476-EB Advanced Testing Techniques
Test on Automotive Components and Structures Camp J. Low Cycle Fatigue Testing Using Digital Random Sequences with Computer Control Shoe R., Swanson
See ASTM International Information

STP602-EB Environmental Effects on Advanced Composite...
of Advanced Composites for Supersonic Cruise Aircraft Applications Haskins J., Kerr J., Stein B. Flight Simulation Testing Equipment for Composite
See ASTM International Information

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