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  • 2.5 Mb/s Isolated RS485 Communication Interface With up to 500 mW Supplementary Power
    This application note provides a reference design for a flexible, high power RS485 interface using NEC's PS9821 digital optocouplers and an LMS1487 transceiver from National Semiconductor.
  • ETSI EN 300 220-2 - European Standard (Telecommunications series) Part 2: Supplementary parameters not intended for conformity purposes
    The present document is part 2 of a multi-part deliverable, covering the Short Range Devices (SRD); Radio equipment. to be used in the 25 MHz to 1 000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 mW, as identified below: Part 1: "Technical characteristics and test methods". Part 2:
  • QQ-S-365 Silver Plating: Electrodeposited - General Requirements
    be of the following types, as specified (see 3.3.4 and 6.3): Type I – Matte Type II – Semi-bright Type III – Bright 1.2.2 Grades. Silver plating shall be of the following grades, as specified (see 3.4.5 and 6.1.3): Grade A – With supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment (chromate treated) Grade B – Without
  • ETSI EN 300 220-3 - Candidate Harmonized European Standard (Telecommunications series) Part 3: Harmonized EN covering essential requirements under article 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive
    to be used in the 25 MHz to 1 000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 mW, as identified below: Part 1: "Technical characteristics and test methods";. Part 2: "Supplementary parameters not intended for conformity purposes";. Part 3: "Harmonized EN covering essential requirements
  • Creating Equipment that Meets Carrier Requirements using Open Standards (.pdf)
    ), International Exchange Carriers (IXC), and other networks operators prior to deployment in their networks. In addition to meeting NEBS requirements, some of the North American carriers require additional testing to be performed, most commonly known as "NEBS Supplementary Requirements". European
  • Comparison of Duct-Mounted Vibration and Instantaneous Airgap Torque Signals
    Vane axial fans find frequent applications in nuclear environments. Their failure can result in unplanned outages, health and safety costs and extensive damage to supplementary equipment. The preferred method of diagnosis, vibration measurements on the bearing's housing, cannot take place due
  • Medical Device Link .
    such an investigation may be required are indicated in ISO 10993-1, Table 2: Guidance for Supplementary Evaluation Tests. Specifically, such testing should be considered for a device that will have permanent contact (longer than 30 days) with tissues, either as an implant or as an externally
  • Events Calendar
    on Medical Use Claims, DNA sequences, stem cells, crystals and polymorphs The impact of developments in the Safe Harbour/Experimental Use Exemption on biotech patenting, including the Supreme Court decision on Merck KgaA v Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd. How to successfully obtain Supplementary Protection
  • Medical Device Link .
    device once it was sent outside the manufacturer�s premises and control, and before it was sold to the end-user. This supplementary period was a late concession intended to assist distributors with surplus stocks of high-cost equipment that they would have been unable to sell before
  • Medical Device Link .
    An outsource packaging services company has invested in the medical technology side of its business to the extent that it has created a dedicated new business entity for this sector. IL-MedTec AG (Burgdorf, Switzerland; ), a unit of Ivers-Lee AG, offers packaging and supplementary services