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  • Surface Finish Measurement Basics - Roughness Is An Important Characteristic of Machined Surfaces
    The growing influence of surface. finish can be traced to dramatic changes. in manufacturing specifications and. drastic tightening of dimensional tolerances. over the past few decades. As a. result of these changes, the proportion. of the tolerance range, which is taken up. by surface
  • Surface Analysis: Beyond Roughness
    and the reasons for doing so go far beyond roughness. In fact, many experts choose to use the terminology of "surface texture" rather than simply calling these characteristics "roughness.". Some measurements determine how a surface will bear loads, while others determine how well a surface provides
  • Surface Smoothness: The Surface Roughness of Anodic Coatings Resulting from the MLT-II and MLT-III Processes are Analyzed
    The surface roughness of aluminum alloys anodized using the METALAST process has been measured and the results are summarized in this spec. The surface roughness is reported on the average of the results obtained from the four samples of each alloy with eight measurements evenly distributed on both
  • Surface Texture Parameters
    Every part's surface is made up of texture and roughness which varies due to manufacturing techniques and the part structure itself. To understand a component's surface and to control the manufacturing process to the degree required in today's modern world, it is necessary to quantify the surface
  • Fast frame grabbers force wafer surfaces to reveal their secrets
    capture the camera's full 768 pixels/line of horizontal resolution. Software devised by k-Space lets researchers analyze images captured via frame grabbers to calculate factors such as atomic spacing, thickness, and surface roughness. Super-powerful systems able to analyze the surface of silicon wafers
  • Vision Systems for Wafer and Thin-Film Instrumentation
    Vision systems for wafer and thin-film instrumentation include specialized optical instruments such as microscopes or imaging, CD resolution, defect detection and classification, surface roughness, thickness gaging, or other measurements. Vision systems consist of an integrated camera
  • Interferometric Microscopes
    Interferometric microscopes use the interference patterns of light waves for precise determinations of distance, thickness, surface or step heights, wavelength, roughness and non-contact 3D surface profiles. As in conventional interferometers, measurements are made by analyzing the phase shift
  • Medical Device Link .
    Surface Metrology for Stent and Implant Manufacturing White-light interferometry combines speed, resolution, flexibility, and ease of use to enable process optimization and quality control measurements of surface contours and quantitative roughness. Implanted devices and prostheses have

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