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  • Optical Instruments Defining the Evolution of Surface Texture Measurement in Manufacturing
    Surface texture measurement has a history that began a century ago with the advent of contact-type 2D measurement. Although measurement using optical instruments has been in existence almost as long as contact-type measurement, optical instrument measurement did not become widely used until about
  • Measuring Surface Roughness and Texture
    . MEASURING. SURFACE. ROUGHNESS. AND TEXTURE. The nature of a part’s surface should be determined by. the part’s function: a surface that fulfills the engineering. requirements of the application, without wasting time. and effort on a higher quality finish than is necessary. Maintaining good control
  • Surface Texture Parameters
    Every part's surface is made up of texture and roughness which varies due to manufacturing techniques and the part structure itself. To understand a component's surface and to control the manufacturing process to the degree required in today's modern world, it is necessary to quantify the surface
  • Coming Age of Surface Metrology with Optical Instruments
    measurement limit for surface texture measuring instruments by optical methods", 3rd International Conference on surface metrology, Annecy (poster session)、2012. Akihiro Fujii, Kazuhisa Yanagi, " A study on short-wavelength measurement limit for surface texture measuring instruments by optical methods
  • Surface Measurement & Manufacturing
    abstract). Christopher A. Brown, Douglas R. S. Brown*, Joseph A. Feula, Gregory Hesler, Brendan M. Powers Discrimination of Surfaces using Surface Texture Measurements and Area-scale Analysis, Microscopical Society of Canada, Winnipeg, 17-19 June 2009 (extended abstract). Powers, B.M., Cohen, D.K., O’Hearn
  • Residual Stress Instruments
    Structure or residual stress instruments are capable of discerning microstructural, chemical bond type, or structural features of wafer or thin film deposits. Microstructural features include phase distribution, grain size or texture (grain orientation). Structural features include crystal
  • Improving the Surface Finish of Reinforced Thermoplastics
    roughness sample by defl ections. it along sample surface. of diamond stylus sends electrical signal to. amplimeter. SABIC Innovative Plastics 3. Relative ranking of composites. In fact, early standards for surface-texture. It should be kept in mind that it was not the. measurements assumed normal surfaces
  • Keeping the Crunch in Cap'n Crunch (R): Benefits of Texture Analysis
    by the skill of the operator.  And transcription errors occurred when calculating results and making reports.  Today, instruments with digital control circuits apply force at precise rates. Electronic force and deformation measurement systems provide accurate, repeatable results.  Texture analysis