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  • GE and Severn Trent Services Work Together to Gain UKAS Accreditation for Drinking Water and Waste Waters
    to Gain. UKAS Accreditation for Drinking Water and Waste Waters. Background. Severn Trent Services (STS) is a leading provider of. Phillip Clark, Principal Scientist for STS, commented, “As. analytical services with a network of five laboratories. a contract laboratory we can receive a wide variety
  • Measuring Surface Roughness and Texture
    We usually think of "smooth" as "slick" or "slippery." But did you know that a surface that is too smooth can actually be 'sticky'? Racing slicks on dragsters increase traction with the pavement, and a racing sailboat hull that is too smooth can actually increase drag through the water. In fact
  • Comparing Oil in Water Analysis Methods
    While the amount of oil in water is highly regulated -- it can also be a challenging measurement. It is complicated by the fact that oil comes in many forms and the measurement is defined by the particular regulatory method. When EPA 1664 is the regulatory method, the "oil" is anything
  • Surface Analysis by Plasma Assisted Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (PADI-MS) (.pdf)
    of interest. Desorption occurs from the surface and the subsequent ionisation products are detected in real time by using an atmospheric sampling quadrupole mass spectrometer. We have demonstrated the detection of active ingredients in a range of pharmaceutical and other samples, demonstrating the potential
  • On-line Analysis of Organics In Water (.pdf)
    ). Nutrients in water. Other chemicals that are not part of the organic load. In water analyzed for environmental purposes such as. are: monoxide (CO), bisulfide (CS), carbon tetrachlo-. industrial, civil, surface (rivers, lakes, seas) waters,. some very important substances can be verified; namely
  • Working With Nature To Keep the Chesapeake Healthy
    areas. Riparian zones consist of grasses, forest vegetation, and combinations of plants that slow runoff of contaminants into surface waters and groundwater. In most states, riparian systems of some sort are being used to improve water quality and provide wildlife habitats. They also help control
  • Medical Device Link . The Interaction of Plasma Proteins and Platelets with a Homologous Series of Polyurethanes
    surfaces. In this report, evidence is presented which demonstrates that surface chemistry and structure are differentiated in segmented polyurethanes (SPUs) of constant bulk composition, establishing the significance of surface features in determining protein and platelet interaction with polyurethane
  • Testing the Effectiveness of Baking Soda Media Blasting for Cleaning fungal contamination in Buildings
    the project. My own research as well as that of others in my field indicate that surface sampling combined with visual inspection is both more reliable and more important than stand-alone air sampling or culturing methods for characterizing building contamination. Chaetomium globosum, Chaetomium aureum

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