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  • Measuring Specific Surface of Soils Using the WP4 (.pdf)
    The specific surface area of a soil sample is the total surface area contained in a unit mass of soil. Soils with high specific surface areas have high water holding capacities, more adsorption of contaminants, and greater swell potentials.
  • Oil Monitoring in Trans-Border River Uh Between Ukraine and Slovakia
    , flowing into Black Sea. The Solution: Sample water is taken from river surface by float sampler and transported b y ejector pump with closed circulation of two pumps M1, M2. Sample is further transported to the tank. Primay filling of the tank is provided by submersible pump M3. From the tank, sample
  • Medical Device Link .
    the specimen chamber. In an ESEM it is also possible to observe a sample under different conditions, such as during the introduction of gas or water vapor.
  • MICRO: Critical Materials Analysis
    Joseph T. Hodges and Gregory E. Scace, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Surface-adsorbed water and water vapor in gas streams can be important contaminants in the ultraclean gas-handling environments required for semiconductor manufacturing. In applications in which high-purity
  • EIP Solution in Metro Microcomputer Interlocking
    Many of the industrial cities in the world are discharging a large amount of wastewater everyday, which has severely contaminated the urban surface water. The environmental monitoring centers in the cities are monitoring the quality of urban surface water and the discharge of wastewater. Wastewater
  • Ultrasound scans IN THIN AIR
    , as a transducer moves above its surface. This task is challenging because an extremely large acoustic impedance mismatch between air and sample can attenuate ultra-sound waves by seven orders of magnitude compared with water as the transmission media. This is where the better transducers come in. The updated
  • Effect of Pressure Difference on Permeability Test for Plastic Film
    material and produce the cracks and perforations; also maybe let the material distortion and become thinner, so the surface of sample will be greater. All these factors will influence the tested permeability.
  • MICRO:Extreme Silicon by Peng Sun, p.41 (April '99)
    wafers and faces the evolving defect density requirements of the SIA roadmap, nonmetallic ionic contaminants on wafer surfaces have become an increasingly important concern. Because such impurities can degrade wafer surfaces, particularly in the presence of adsorbed water, they have detrimental

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