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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SURGE ARRESTER 3-ELE ASAP Semiconductor ST Not Provided 041203 200 100TR
N81A350X SURGE ARRESTER National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
B88069X1360C103 Allied Electronics, Inc. EPCOS Not Provided Surge Arrestor; 90 V + 20%; 2 Electrode Arrester
M51-C90X Digi-Key EPCOS Inc Circuit Protection SURGE ARRESTER 90V GASTUBE 2PIN
CG33.5L Digi-Key Littelfuse Inc Circuit Protection SURGE ARRESTER GDT 3500V AXIAL
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  • An Electrostatic Simulation of a Surge Arrester
    The surge arrester example presented on these pages is based on a document from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) -- "Guide for the determination of voltage distribution along the length of metal-oxide surge arresters". ElecNet simulation results were compared to some results
  • Surge Arrester: Minimizing Electric Field Stress in Resistors
    |. International. Home >>. Applications >>. Surge Arresters >>. Overview. Related Examples. Categories. A |. A |. A. Surge Arrester: Minimizing Electric Field Stress in Resistors. Gallery spotlight. Surge Arrester. The voltage distribution along the resistors in a surge arrester is uneven due
  • Thermal Characteristics of a 330 KV Surge Arrester
    of a 330 KV Surge Arrester. Gallery spotlight. Surge Arresters. Surge arresters are used in a number of industries as protective devices against a variety of electrical events such as high voltage lightning impulses. The design choices of various materials and components for lightning arresters may
  • Monitoring of Surge Arresters through Thermographic Inspection - Case Studies
    In this paper we present evaluation cases of surge arrester operational conditions, through thermographic inspections, criteria applied in the field, and analysis carried out in units removed from operation due to the problems indicated by thermograms. Chesf (Companhia hidroelétrica do São
  • Combing GDTs and MOVs for Surge Protection of AC Power Lines (.pdf)
    equipment. circuit consisting of a gas tube surge. GROUND. to be dissipated externally. While the. PLASMA SURGE. RFI FILTER. METAL OXIDE. ARRESTERS. VARISTORS. arrester as the primary protector. peak voltage experienced by the. Figure 3a. Hybrid surge protection circuit. and a Metal Oxide Varistor
  • SPD Industry Code Changes (.pdf)
    as there was an. outlet. Cord-connected SPDs can be applied 10 meter from service entrance at locations close to the. service entrance, branch panel locations, or end-use equipment through standard electrical outlets. In. addition to UL 1449, another class of SPDs, denoted as surge arresters
  • Lightning Transients
    Supressor Combinations. •. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs, Voltage Dependent Resistors). •. Gas Filled Surge Arresters. Lightning Transients. The major mechanisms by which lightning produces surge voltages are the following: • A direct lightning strike to an external circuit (outdoor
  • Manufacturing & Test Standards for SPD's
    to. establish particular application requirements. ANSI/IEEE C62.11 – 2005 Standard for metal-oxide surge arrestors for AC power circuits. This standard applies to metal oxide surge arresters designed to repeatedly limit the voltage. surges on 48Hz to 62Hz power circuits by passing surge discharge
  • Position and speed of metal components measured with variable reluctance sensor
    Generator. Trial Edition. MagNet. ElecNet. MotorSolve. Webinars Archive. Applications. Actuators. Electric. Induction Heating. Loudspeakers. Motors & Generators. Brushless DC (BLDC). Induction Machine (IM). Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM). Clawpole. All Other Types. Sensors & NDT. Surge arresters
  • Actuator with Diode
    (SRM). Clawpole. All Other Types. Sensors & NDT. Surge arresters. Transformers. Miscellaneous. Support. Downloads. Live Docs. MagNet. ElecNet. ThermNet. MotorSolve BLDC. OptiNet. Company. About the Company. Contact Us. Press Releases. Enewsletter. Careers. Partners. TrafoExperts. Opal-RT. Motor

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