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  • The ABCs of Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressors (.pdf)
    at A. A Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressor is one of a family of. Applications. transient voltage suppression devices. They bear. similarity to Metal Oxide Varistors in that they are. As with MOVs, Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressors protect a. voltage dependent, nonlinear devices
  • Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors (.pdf)
    protection capability make them ideal for use. on surface mount printed circuit boards. There are two technologies of Littelfuse surface mount surge. suppressors. The CH Series metal oxide varistors which. ZINC OXIDE. END. encompass voltages from 14V. MATERIAL. DC to 275VAC and the ML,. TERMINATION
  • Designing with Thermally Protected TMOV Varistors in TVSS Applications (.pdf)
    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are commonly used to suppress transients in many applications such as: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), AC Power Taps, AC Power Meters or other products. Lightning, inductive load switching, or capacitor bank switching
  • Surge Protection Excerpts from IEEE Standard 1100-2005. The Emerald Book: IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment (.pdf)
    . Any SPD component can fail, open or shorted, due to. surge voltage stress or temporary overvoltage (TOV) stress (such as a lost neutral). This TOV. stress causes many more SPD failures than actual transient surges. The result may be smoke, fire,. or explosion for some of the metal-oxide varistor
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    -. block protectors, is widely used in the communication field. oxide varistors, the most common type of “varistor” was. where power-follow current is less of a problem than in. made from specially processed silicon carbide. This material. power circuits. Another form of these suppressors
  • Lightning Transients
    Supressor Combinations. •. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs, Voltage Dependent Resistors). •. Gas Filled Surge Arresters. Lightning Transients. The major mechanisms by which lightning produces surge voltages are the following: • A direct lightning strike to an external circuit (outdoor
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    . External conducted interference can be controlled by filtering or transient suppression. Transient devices such as arc suppressors (crowbars) and clamps (metal-oxide varistors and zener diodes) are designed to handle high-energy transients, such as voltage surges, but their use in medical devices needs
  • Silicon is Silicon is Silicon...Not!
    Silicon avalanche suppressor diode (SASD) based surge protection devices (SPDs) provide better performance and longer life than the typical MOV (metal oxide varistor) SPDs. However, significant improvements in performance are available through attention to details of proper design and testing

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