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  • Controller for a specord 75 IR infrared spectrophotometer using an “elektronika D3-26�? microcomputer
    The number of surplus pulses arriving after the motor is disengaged depends on many causes and varies for different operating regimes of the device... accuracy determined by the discrete nature of the WNT and is preserved in the micro computer memory.
    All Electronics -Great source for cheap and surplus electronics, particularly motors , and tools. by Michael Run a motor from a micro controller.
  • Manual diesel engines
    ...mixture of surrounded droplets, the flammability limits to consist whereat only for the micro mixture in the... The diesel engine needs an excess air for a normal combustion: lV ≥ lmin > 1.
  • Solid Waste Technology and Management
    ...electricity is generated from renewable resources, but at present there is no significant surplus of sustainable electricity... ...H2 production from fossil fuels is to utilize the potential of H2 -producing micro organisms to derive... Currently, biologically produced hydrogen is applicable for combustion in internal combustion motors .
    ...the prejudice of the pos- sibility to deliver to the grid or to others, the surplus production. According to this law, a micro generator is the main autonomous equipment that produces energy such as: motors , micro-turbines or fuel cells, which use synchronous or asynchronous generators, photovoltaic cells and other autonomous electricity production equipments.
    Generator Prime Mover Carriage Slider extracted from disused printer Stepper Motor NEMA 17, e.g. Lin Engineering 28M018 Available surplus from ...LM2578 8-pin DIP Ix 220uF capacitor lx 480 mH inductor Ix1N5817 diode Micro controller Synthesizer Atmega32...
  • Automated guided vehicles for industrial logistics - Development of intelligent prototypes using appropriate technology
    For the pulling mechanism to rotate Tray-Bot's tray, the housing of bearing and the pulley was made from wood whereas, the motor and chain-sprocket couples were collected from shipyard surplus stores. Most of the electronic components (other than the micro -controllers) were local products.
  • Computer Interfaces, page 3
    These can be found at electronics swap meets, in computer surplus outlets, and even in trash dumpsters. ...typical full-height 5.25 inch disk drive includes a 12 volt DC motor with tachometer and... A/D Converters Easily Interface with 70 Series Micro processors -  National SemiCondultor Application Note AN-280 /...
  • Micro-grid system based on renewable power generation units
    Based on simulation results, the issues related to micro -grid operation of the system under investigation can... A control scheme is required to maintain active power balance by storing or dumping surplus power. Motor -pump sets can be used to pump water using surplus power.
  • Modified Minuteman missile launches mini�?satellites
    ...first and second stages are the M�? 55A1 and SR�?19 Minuteman II rocket motors , respectively, and the... ...sun�?synchronous orbit, has been developed in a bid to use the USA's 350 surplus Minuteman IIs to... ...the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) intended to validate the use of micro �? electromechanical (MEMS...
  • Supercompound imaging with Weiner deconvolution
    ...bottom sides of water tank are muffled by foam material to absorb the surplus reflection of sound... The rotation is accomplished by a Globe DC Gear Motor and accurately controlled by a micro controller (Microchip PIC16F874).
  • Laser cuts paper [Hands On]
    ...laser carriage out of a DVD burner [bottom left, center left], and an hour or two to clear excess parts from the carriage and wire the diode and stepper motors to external drivers controlled by an Arduino micro controller. the 150-milliwatt... A power error can quickly send you back to the surplus bin for a new diode.
  • Analytical Chemistry Division annual progress report for period ending December 31, 1985
    The initial phase of the project involved miking a surplus ion aicroprobe mass analyzer (IKKA) operational and... The IMMA and flashlamp- pumped dye laser were interfaced to an LSI-11/2 micro computer for data... A stepping motor wss attached tc the wavelength drive of the dye laser to permit reproducible spectral...
  • The Design of a Mobile Robot for Instrument Network Deployment in Antarctica
    ...match the available power from the boost converters to the instantaneous demand of the motors and housekeeping. Since there will typically be a surplus of solar power available, the micro controller need not explicitly track the maximum power point of each panel.
  • Computer Interfaces A-B. page 2
    These can be found at electronics swap meets, in computer surplus outlets, and even in trash dumpsters. ...typical full-height 5.25 inch disk drive includes a 12 volt DC motor with tachometer....(circuit... A/D Converters Easily Interface With 70 Series Micro processors - Fairchild Application Notes / (app note added 6/06 .