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  • Controller for a specord 75 IR infrared spectrophotometer using an “elektronika D3-26” microcomputer
    The number of surplus pulses arriving after the motor is disengaged depends on many causes and varies for different operating regimes of the device … … an accuracy determined by the discrete nature of the WNT and is preserved in the micro computer memory.
  • Manual diesel engines
    Occurs at the diesel engine on already, prepared a self ignition of a zündfähigen mixture of surrounded droplets, the flammability limits to consist whereat only for the micro mixture in the region of the fuel droplet in the region of the stoichiometric … The diesel engine needs an excess air for a normal combustion: lV ≥ lmin > 1.
    Generator Prime Mover Carriage Slider extracted from disused printer Stepper Motor NEMA 17, e.g. Lin Engineering 28M018 Available surplus from … LM2578 8-pin DIP Ix 220uF capacitor lx 480 mH inductor Ix1N5817 diode Micro controller Synthesizer Atmega32 …
    The threshold for this surplus capacity that can be sold to the grid is 150kW. According to this law, a micro generator is the main autonomous equipment that produces energy such as: motors , micro-turbines or fuel cells, which use synchronous or asynchronous generators, photovoltaic cells and other autonomous electricity production equipments.
    All Electronics -Great source for cheap and surplus electronics, particularly motors , and tools. by Michael Run a motor from a micro controller.
  • Anaerobic technique
    By this technique, existing heating excesses are converted into the exhaust gas (T > 100 ° C) into … These working mediums have more favorable evaporation properties are the micro gas turbines an alternative to gas engines by lower temperatures and pressures (foam and lux 2011) the so-called micro gas turbines that are insertable for biogas as BHKW module in …
  • Solid Waste Technology and Management
    … electricity is generated from renewable resources, but at present there is no significant surplus of sustainable electricity … … H2 production from fossil fuels is to utilize the potential of H2 -producing micro organisms to derive … Currently, biologically produced hydrogen is applicable for combustion in internal combustion motors .
  • Micro-grid system based on renewable power generation units
    … can be summarized as: • Active power imbalance and/or variation occurs in isolated micro -grid mode when … A control scheme is required to maintain active power balance by storing or dumping surplus power. Motor -pump sets can be used to pump water using surplus power.
  • Automated guided vehicles for industrial logistics - Development of intelligent prototypes using appropriate technology
    For the pulling mechanism to rotate Tray-Bot's tray, the housing of bearing and the pulley was made from wood whereas, the motor and chain-sprocket couples were collected from shipyard surplus stores. Most of the electronic components (other than the micro -controllers) were local products.
  • Computer Interfaces, page 3
    A Versatile Hybrid Synthesizer for UHF & Micro wave Projects -  Controlled byPC parallel port, this hybrid … A worked Stepping Motor Example -  Perhaps some of the most commonly available stepping motors, for the … These can be found at electronics swap meets, in computer surplus outlets, and even in trash dumpsters.
  • Laser cuts paper [Hands On]
    … laser carriage out of a DVD burner [bottom left, center left], and an hour or two to clear excess parts from the carriage and wire the diode and stepper motors to external drivers controlled by an Arduino micro controller. the 150-milliwatt … A power error can quickly send you back to the surplus bin for a new diode.
  • Modified Minuteman missile launches mini‐satellites
    … respectively, and the third and fourth stages are the Orion XL and Orion 38 Pegasus rocket motors . … sun‐synchronous orbit, has been developed in a bid to use the USA's 350 surplus Minuteman IIs to … … the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) intended to validate the use of micro ‐ electromechanical (MEMS …
  • Supercompound imaging with Weiner deconvolution
    … bottom sides of water tank are muffled by foam material to absorb the surplus reflection of sound … The rotation is accomplished by a Globe DC Gear Motor and accurately controlled by a micro controller (Microchip PIC16F874).
  • Internal medicine
    … 753 MHC super-II molecules 730 MHC molecules, transplantation immunology 730 Miconazol stomach 344 Mikroadenom 513-Hyperprolaktinämie, candidiasis 924 907-908-Microsporidien/-sporidiose AIDSES 758-antibiotics 762 migrating motor complex (MMC) (pituitary), 518 … … microorganisms, patronage, 716 local micro -pH-/-blood-gas … … 436 mineralocorticoid 551-functions 555-556-Hypoaldosteronismus 561-Hypokaliämie 272-powers 572 mineralocorticoid excess , aldosteronism, primary 567 …
  • CIOs at Work
    … context, 74 buzzword, 77 career aspiration, 73 career spans, 73 coders, 72 cognitive surplus , 79 competitive differentiation … … 313 financial organizations, 320 firewalls and antiviruses, 312 General Foods, 309, 326–328 General Motors , 321, 329, 332 … … machine, 317 Xerox Corporation, 309, 326, 330, 338 Xerox video center, 318 Sun Micro systems, 36 Supply …