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...years ago in Europe, and much earlier in the Far East) as a subject of curiosity. Later it was found that a piece of this unusual rock would tend to orient itself in a north-south direction if left free to rotate (suspended on a string or on a float in water), and it was employed in the aid...

...provides exceptionally reliable digital ture, pressure, viscosity and density values. ics are safely mounted elsewhere. outputs. The meters incorporate a freely-. Utilizing calculated density values, turbine. suspended turbine, or rotor, rotated by the flowmeters can be configured to output...

The neutral section of a permanent magnet is defined by a plane passing through the magnet perpendicular to its central flux line at the point of maximum flux. North pole, is the pole of a magnet which, when freely suspended, would point to the north magnetic pole of the earth. The definition of polarity...

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