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  • Locks and Locking Systems-Image
    Locks and Locking Systems - (532 companies)
    ...or unlocked. A separate version of the keyless deadbolt is an electronic deadbolt. An electronic deadbolt includes a computer chip that can be programmed to lock the door automatically after leaving or entering. An electronic deadbolt can also be opened... Learn More
  • Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches - (90 companies)
    Noncontact safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. For noncontact actuating interlock switches, the guard door is linked to the control circuit contacts via a magnetic or electronic field. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Interlocks and Tag Out Devices-Image
    Interlocks and Tag Out Devices - (84 companies)
    ...out devices. Interlocks and tag out devices can identify the physical state of a required condition, and supply the requirements to a primary safety control circuit. When a safety device is disabled, an interlock is the control circuit that turns off... Learn More
  • Door Operators-Image
    Door Operators - (175 companies)
    Door operators are devices used to open and close all types of doors or gates. These operators can be powered by a variety of power sources such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices. Door operators are used to open and close all types... Learn More
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    Door Closers - (87 companies)
    ...the surrounding environment. Backcheck is available on some models. This option also acts as a door stop to prevent the door from swinging too far or too fast and damaging the nearby areas. Delayed action closers provide a delay period from when the door... Learn More
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    Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways - (142 companies)
    ...are pulled or pushed by mechanical means. Most often, elevators are enclosed in a cab mounted on the platform, which is moved in throughout an enclosed shaft. There is more than one type of elevator; traction elevators and hydraulic elevators are two... Learn More
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    Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches - (131 companies)
    Key Interlock & Cable-Pull Safety Swtiches). Banner Engineering (Safety Interlock Switches). Euchner (Safety Interlock Switches). Leviton (Mechanical Interlocks). (Safety Switch Principles & Devices). Schmersal (Man-Machine... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Door Frames - (47 companies)
    Door Frames are assemblies that are used to hang doors within. These frames include swing door frames of various materials and sizes as well as pocket door frames. Swing door frames. Image Credit: Ceco Door. Door Frames are assemblies that are used... Learn More
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    Door Viewers - (23 companies)
    Door viewers are security devices that allow the user visual access to the other side of the door. They are optical devices, also known as peepholes, which fit through a door. Traditional peepholes have several disadvantages including a limited... Learn More
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    Door Strikes - (36 companies)
    Door strikes are metal plate devices that are installed within a door jamb to stop and retain a door when closed. Multiple operational configurations are available for differing door bolt options as well as the action of the clasp mechanism... Learn More

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  • The Vertical Transportation Handbook 4th Edition
    … induce large cable and/or rope displacements, resulting in a variety of damaging conditions to the elevator equipment. Once large building sway – induced rope or cable motions in the hoistway are induced, the cables will swing out into doors , interlocks , a nd hoistway s witches, snag on rail brackets, and twist around one another, thus becoming entangled.