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  • Low Distortion Tunable RF Components, a Compound Semiconductor Opportunity
    banks. (a) (b). and varactors are reviewed for their benefits and. Fig. 1. (a) Schematic of the capacitive switch bank composed of N. shortcomings and compared with the recently developed. capacitive switches. (b) Schematic of the varactor. ultra low-distortion semiconductor based varactors
  • Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators
    . They are harmful because they are. located close to f1 and f2 and virtually impossible to filter out. In. today's base stations the multicarrier power amplifier (MCPA) is. replacing banks of single-channel amplifiers and their corresponding. power combining network. MCPAs have the capability
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    positioned near the filter banks on top of the hopper. The system can also use a level switch (PLS, CLS2) to signal a full hopper and possibly open a valve to empty the hopper. So how do pressure transmitters reduce energy consumption? And how can you prevent an explosion in a hazardous environment
  • White Paper: Capacitors Age and Capacitors Have an End of Life
    , the dispersion in time. 1. An AC filter at the input line. over which a group of capacitors fail, failure. 2. A rectifier which converts the filtered. modeling for capacitors and the cost effective. AC to DC. solution of a capacitor replacement program. 3. A DC bus, containing both a large. battery bank
  • Design Concepts for Semiconductor based Ultra-Linear Varactor Circuits (Invited)
    regarding the optimum doping. Examples are Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) / GaAs. profiles are discussed. Design considerations for switches combined with MIM capacitor banks that act. dedicated bias networks that provide optimum third-. order intermodulation cancellation for the various. like switchable
  • Medical Device Link . DSPs: A Growing Option for Medical Applications
    and potentially reaching $50 billion in about 10 years. The real impetus for such growth is, of course, wireless communications and personal electronics CD players, cell phones, telecom switches, HDTV, and the Internet but medical equipment manufacturers have not been left behind. More powerful chips will have
  • A Comparison of Typical UPS Designs in Today's Markets
    to 20 minutes. and increase recharge time. and extended runtime battery packs are rarely. . Limited additional functionality may not meet. available. enterprise needs. . Short back-up time. Figure 1: Offline UPS Block Diagram. Filter. AC in. Transfer. Switch. AC out. Battery. Charger. Battery
  • Medical Device Link .
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