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8914 PLC Radwell Penn Baso Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter AIR FLOW INDICATOR
450E Backhoe Loader   H.O. Penn Machinery Company, Inc. Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines easily view system information on the new gauge cluster. Gauges are displayed against a white background for good visibility in different light conditions. Ergonomic, tactile switches are simple to understand. Air Suspension Seat. The standard air suspension seat utilizes an air adjustment mechanism...
TL943 w/Stabilizers Telehandler   H.O. Penn Machinery Company, Inc. Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines functions are controlled by a single joystick. Joystick Control. The joystick allows three simultaneous boom functions and operates the auxiliary hydraulic function. It allows the option of a second auxiliary service for the use of work tools that require more than one hydraulic service. Flow Sharing...
TH407 Telehandler   H.O. Penn Machinery Company, Inc. Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines 100-amp for mechanical engines and 120-amp for electronic engines. Anti-restart key switch. Battery, maintenance-free, 12 volt, 750 CCA with disconnect. Horn. Alarm, back up. Electronic Control Module. Power sockets, 12 volt internal and external. OPERATOR STATIONCanopy, ROPS/FOPS. Joystick...

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