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  • Switch logos
    Switches on keyboards and control panels often carry identifying marks that denote the switch function. Examples of switch face legends printed (clockwise from the left) through screen printing, laser etching, screen printing, laser etching, laser etching, and pad printing. There are three main
  • Switch Tips: Membrane-switch basics
    feedback. The thicker the overlay, the less the tactile feedback. Membrane-switch overlays sometimes incorporate embossing to get a better look and add switch functions. There are two basic ways to emboss. The usual way is with metal-to-metal, male and female dies. There are height-of-emboss-area
  • MBS 1350 - The Switch with a Difference
    switch can be used as a simple on/off function, for example when the pressure limit is reached, to either start or stop a process on the machine. Always ready to assist, Danfoss will determine the need of its customers and customise core products to meet customer specifications. The US manufacturer
  • M515: Techniques to Achieve High Isolation with GaAs MMIC Switch Chips
    The achievable isolation of a GaAs MMIC switch is a function of how low an inductance one can achieve between the ground pad of the MMIC and the ground plane within a particular circuit. The lower the inductance, of course, the higher the isolation that can be achieved. For example, the curves
  • ESD Considerations for SOI Switch Design
    This paper proposes a solution that employs transistor self-conduction and circuit design techniques to improve ESD performance for SOI RF switch applications. The primary limitations and challenges in the ESD design for SOI technology are discussed. The solution enables the switch to pass 8kV IEC
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies and their Magnetics
    because of its size compared to the others, the Output Inductors, the Input Inductors and the Current Sense Transformer, each with its own important function. Microsoft Word - Don Braman article.doc Switch Mode Power Supplies and. their Magnetics. Many factors must be considered by. by Don Braman
  • Modeling of SOI FET for RF Switch Applications
    . 4(a) shows the. typical switch consists of a number of transistors stacked. impedance into the substrate as a function of the bias. in series and in shunt to ground as shown in Fig. 1. The. voltage measured at 1GHz. Although the percentage. number of stacked transistors in series is determined
  • A Comprehensive PHEMT Core Model For Switch Applications
    A comprehensive non-linear PHEMT core model. for switch applications is described. The model combines an. accurate description of CV below pinch-off and a 2D CV. function above pinch-off for better charge and capacitance. modeling. At the same time, more accurate is the model's IV. prediction