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    Hoist Rings - (115 companies)
    Hoist rings are load-centering eyebolts. They are designed to be rigged from the center or the side and may pivot or swivel. Some hoist rings connect directly to webbing, chain, or shackles. Others have a hook-end rather than a standard bail, eye...
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  • Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings-Image
    Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings - (110 companies)
    Slewing rings and turntable bearings can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads. They are not mounted in a housing or on a shaft, but are instead mounted directly to a seating surface via mounting holes. Slewing rings and turntable bearings can...
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  • Lifting Slings-Image
    Lifting Slings - (345 companies)
    Lifting slings are material handling accessories for load attachment to lifts, cranes, and hoists. Image Credit: DME Company | New Pig Corporation. Lifting slings or sling lifts are material handling accessories for load attachment to lifts, cranes...
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  • Casters-Image
    Casters - (569 companies)
    Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom of equipment to allow movement and carry loads. There are two basic types of casters: rigid and swivel. Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom...
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  • Wheels-Image
    Wheels - (379 companies)
    Description. Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle. Types. There are several types of industrial wheels. V-grooved...
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    Hoists - (950 companies)
    Industrial hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use a cable, rope, or chain to move or lift a load. Hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting, and usually have a feature for ceiling mounting such as a hook or trolley mount. | Gorbel Inc...
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    Eyebolts - (231 companies)
    Description. Eye bolts (eyebolts) are threaded bolts with a loop or eye at one end. The eye is used to anchor a cable, rope or chain. Eye bolts are rated for different types of applications and may pivot or swivel. Load-rated eyebolts are designed...
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    Hooks - (291 companies)
    ...are load-transmitting components that are most often used in conjunction with chains and other equipment. Products such as eye hooks, clevis hooks, grab hooks, shank hooks, swivel hooks, and S hooks can be used to connect lifting and rigging attachments...
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    Swivel Joints - (124 companies)
    Swivel joints are used in fluid and pneumatic systems that require torsional rotation between flow lines. They provide 360-degree rotation in 1, 2 or 3 planes and are usually made of forged materials. Some swivel joints use ball bearing raceways...
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    Slip Rings - (100 companies)
    Slip rings are metal rings that provide a continuous electrical connection through brushes on stationary contacts. They are generally mounted on the rotating part of a machine. The electrical connection can be via wiping contacts, mercury, infrared...
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