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Wireless Nederland • Toon onderwerp - Bouw SWR meter voor...
Bouw SWR meter voor 2.4GHz Antennes maken, solderen, bouwtekeningen Bouw SWR meter voor 2.4GHz door Pe2er » do jul 10, 2003 08:32

CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC. Radio module manufacturer
We, at Circuit Design will show our new products, including 2.4GHz radio transceiver module for industrial use to target the global market, together

Transmission1 » Understanding SWR – Part 2
Understanding SWR ? Part 2 Posted by Transmission1 in CB Radio, Resources, tags: CB Radio, Resources, SWR

TREVOR MARSHALL - Slotted Waveguide 802.11b WLAN antennas
Microwave ovens (operating at 2.4GHz) have already been with us for several decades. | HAI15SC | Wireless Network Antenna

See CompUSA Information

Biquad Antenna Construction
wavelength at 2.4GHz the shape and dimensions of the element I had some offcuts of electrical power cable lying around, and found that 2.5mm2 power

FRARS Wireless lan working group - Flight Refuelling Amateur...
If you are feeding a dish, then the 2.4Ghz tin can feed might be of use to you.

HardwareComparison - SeattleWireless
Power in dBm is simply 10*log(power in mw) so, for example, 100mw expressed in dBm is 10*log(100)= 10*2= 20dBm

ANT-24-OM-12, 2.4GHz Omni Directional Antenna (ant) - Black...
2.4GHz Omni Directional Antenna Professional vertical, omni directional antennas for 2.4GHz WLAN range

Equinox Store - 18dB Outdoor Panel Antenna 2.4GHz (Powered by...
26dB Outdoor Multi-Client Bridge 2.4GHz 18dB Outdoor Panel Antenna 2.4GHz Product Information

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