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  • Synthetic Fibers
    Request. Manual Request. Product Registration. Support FAQ. Terms & Conditions. About Us. Ordering FAQ. Product FAQ. News. Blog. Contact. Contact Us. Representatives. Synthetic Fibers Case History. The Customer. The Company is a leading supplier of filter and specialty papers, nonwovens
  • Medical Device Link . Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers as Medical Devices
    the stiffness of the resulting fibers. Figure 1. Synthesis of polyglycolide (PGA). Polylactide (PLA). Lactide is the cyclic dimer of lactic acid that exists as two optical isomers, d and l. l-lactide is the naturally occurring isomer, and dl-lactide is the synthetic blend of d-lactide and l-lactide
  • Medical Device Link . Design and Fabrication of Polyester-Fiber and Matrix Composites for Totally Absorbable Biomaterials
    after the initial synthetic step has been confirmed by FTIR. Based on initial reaction conditions, the original hydroxy-terminated oligomer has a theoretical molecular weight of 546 g/mole--below the range of the polymer standards used in our GPC calibration yet within the range of molecular sizes
  • White Paper: Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently and Cost-Effectively to Prolong Equipment Life
    . The Driflex TM Oil Conditioning System from Pentair Industrial features this revolutionary filter-dehydration technology to remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, as well as particulates and gases, from petroleum-based and synthetic oils. The Driflex oil conditioning system was designed to serve
  • A Close-up Look at White-Speck Neps in Cotton
    such as diapers, moist towelettes, and personal care products. Consumers fill U.S. landfills with them, so these products need to be biodegradable. Goynes and coworkers found that cotton degraded faster than synthetic materials often used in these disposable products. He was able to confirm this, because
  • better absorbancy
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Researchers at Ohio State University have found a way to make synthetic cloth fibers softer and more absorbent. The technique may one day boost the absorbency of diapers and feminine hygiene products, and make these items stronger, lighter, and less bulky. It may also lead
  • Medical Device Link .
    A Premium Blend for Vascular Grafts The material is designed to be strong and flexible enough to provide support for a graft. Researchers found that a blend of polydioxanone (PDO) and elastin fibers met the criteria. PDO is a synthetic and biodegradable polymer; elastin is a natural polymer found
  • Medical Device Link .
    . . . that's so Cold War. Spider silk more specifically, the dragline material that frames the radiating spokes of the spider web features a combination of strength and toughness unmatched by synthetic fibers. Five times stronger by weight than steel, spider silk can stop a bee traveling 20 miles per hour
  • Medical Device Link .
    of creating synthetic muscles. The application of an electrical charge to single-walled carbon nanotubes produces a direct conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy through a material response. In the late 1940s, Israeli scientists found that bundles of fibers made from polymer gels would
  • intensities of laser radiation, there still exist. difficulties for high power radiation transmission. For example, standard synthetic silica optical fibers with high-OH. levels offer low attenuation, high transmission, in the 215-254 nm spectral range, but on exposure to an unfiltered. deuterium lamp

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