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  • Medical Device Link . Design and Fabrication of Polyester-Fiber and Matrix Composites for Totally Absorbable Biomaterials
    after the initial synthetic step has been confirmed by FTIR. Based on initial reaction conditions, the original hydroxy-terminated oligomer has a theoretical molecular weight of 546 g/mole--below the range of the polymer standards used in our GPC calibration yet within the range of molecular sizes
  • A Close-up Look at White-Speck Neps in Cotton
    such as diapers, moist towelettes, and personal care products. Consumers fill U.S. landfills with them, so these products need to be biodegradable. Goynes and coworkers found that cotton degraded faster than synthetic materials often used in these disposable products. He was able to confirm this, because
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The filters can be surface treated to enhance priming, wetting, and wicking properties. Sefar America Inc., Depew, NY Woven synthetic materials. Medical fabrics are suitable for blood filtration in arterial, cardiotomy, and transfusion applications. The precision-woven synthetics can also
  • A Total Approach To Color Management
    Although the word itself comes from Latin texere, "to weave," textile now applies to a dazzling array of natural and. synthetic materials. These include filaments, yarns, and threads and the many woven, knitted, knotted, and. embroidered fabrics made from them as well as to nonwoven fabrics
  • Seven Steps to Superior Color Control in the Dyehouse
    The globalization of manufacturing operations has created a growing world market. It also has created problems in. color management for textiles, particularly in the dyehouse. Textile production for a global market now applies to a. dazzling array of natural and synthetic materials. These include
  • Using Nanotechnology for More Efficient Dust Collection
    filters currently on the mar-. media, leaving most of the dust on the. cellulose blended with a synthetic. ket have an outer layer of melt-blown. filter’s exterior (dirty side) and em-. fiber (referred to as blended cellu-. fibers. Melt-blown fibers are formed. bedded within the media, while clean. lose
  • Medical Device Link .
    transfer characteristics. Synthetics—The Fabrics of Lifesaving Applications. Precision-woven synthetic fabrics are suited for medical and diagnostic applications. The SaatiCare fabrics from Saatitech (Somers, NY) are used for blood filtration in arterial, cardiotomy, and transfusion filters
  • How To Care For Bulwark Nomex Garments
    , as these products have a tendency to coat fabric. Also, such additives may serve as "fuel " in the event of ignition. To help reduce bothersome static electricity, NOMEX fabric already contains a fiber in its blend that dissipates the static. Be sure that you do not over-dry the garments, which are synthetic
  • Medical Device Link .
    efficiency at very low pressure drops and, being greater than 90% void volume, give long service life. United Filtration Systems Inc., 34062 James J. Pompo Dr., Fraser, MI 48026. Filter media A company offers a variety of filter materials including glass-microfiber, cellulose, synthetic, laminated
  • Medical Device Link .
    Div., 3250 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, CA 92704. Synthetic fabrics Precision-woven synthetic fabrics are suitable for filtering blood in arterial, cardiotomy, and transfusion devices. SaatiCare fabrics are also used for drug-infusion systems, flow control devices, moisture barriers, and biopsy bags

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