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  • Sapphire
    optical, wear and electronic applications. Ruby, corundum, and topaz are other names for natural or synthetic sapphire. Ruby is chromium doped sapphire used in optical filters and laser rods.
  • Sapphire Viewport Transmission Curve
    Sapphire is a synthetic, hexagonal single crystal anisotropic material which displays substantially different physical, thermal, dielectric and optical characteristics when measured along different axes. MDC sapphire viewports are constructed using 90° crystal orientation, where the crystal
  • Hydrogen in Sapphire - Part 1
    by dislocations and grain boundaries [1]. rapidly grown, wet synthetic quartz and colored. varieties of silica (e.g. amethyst, citrine) [3]. Hydrogen interstitials in quartz a€ect electrical con-. ductivity while molecular water and other extended. { Permanent address: centre de recherche et de
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Microcomponents
    the creation of statistically defined production processes, and parts and features are verified by means of advanced vision system technology. Remmele Engineering Inc., Micro Machining Div. , Big Lake, MN, USA. Synthetic sapphire, ruby, ceramic, and metal-carbide materials are machined to tolerances
  • MICRO: 'Round the Circuit
    of synthetic sapphire to create a novel method of manufacturing microchips. "We've developed a very fast and cost-effective way of getting data on and off a chip without using wire, " reports Andreas Andreou, a department professor and director of the research lab. The team uses the same fiber
  • Medical Device Link .
    Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but ruby and sapphire can help keep her alive. Ruby and sapphire have a significant presence in the jewelry industry and are valued for their vibrant colors. But there's more to these materials than just a pretty package --synthetic ruby and sapphire
  • Medical Device Link . Western Switzerland
    to the high-voltage five-pole Type 105 A039 connector. W. W. Fischer S.A., Apples. Machining services Synthetic sapphires and rubies, metal carbides, technical ceramics, and other hard materials are machined on equipment that was developed in-house to accommodate demanding specifications. The company
  • Medical Device Link . Developments in Surface Treatment Technologies
    can be found in the Product Update profiles that follow. Maret S.A. Initially, polishing was one of several services offered by a supplier of synthetic ruby, sapphire, and metal components to the watchmaking industry. The polishing technique continues to be a benchmark of quality

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