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    Hardness Testers - (237 companies)
    Hardness testers measure a material's resistance to indentation. This calculation is determined by measuring the permanent depth or projected area of the indentation. Hardness testers measure a materials' resistance to indentation. Hardness... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Scales and Balances - (999 companies)
    Scales and balances are used to measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Welding Tables and Fixturing Tables - (25 companies)
    ...and fixturing tables are used to temporarily hold work pieces in place during welding, inspection, testing ,and other applications. These table are very rigid and are typically equipped with numerous holes and slots to allow clamping down of work... Learn More
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    Vibratory Tables - (32 companies)
    Vibratory Tables Information. Vibratory tables are table assemblies that are shaken by a vibrator and it is mainly used for fatigue testing, concrete casting, breaking apart, or compaction of media or packaging. Vibratory tables are also known... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Downdraft Tables - (65 companies)
    Downdraft tables are self-contained, portable filtration systems that remove harmful particulates and return filtered air. They are indoor air quality devices that draw-down air and do not require external ventilation. Often downdraft tables... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rotary Tables - (230 companies)
    ...fixture. The table is a disc which rotates freely or by use of a worm (hand crank). Rotary tables are utilized in machining, automation and assembly applications. Rotary tables are also used in equipment positioning and assembly positioning... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tilt Tables - (125 companies)
    ...and the diameter of a circular tilt table. This will dictate the size of the load to be put on the tilt table. The length is applicable only to rectangular or square tilt tables. The tilt angle is the greatest degree of tilting that the table can achieve... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Lift Tables - (418 companies) size, capacity, elevation, and actuation. This article does not chronicle articulated lifts, vehicle lifts, or dock lifts, but lists scissor lifts amongst its enclave. Lift Table Operation. Lift tables find occupation in many workshop and warehouse... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rotary Indexing Tables - (126 companies)
    ...and pins that hold parts and components in place. Rotary indexing tables have either fixed or adjustable indexing angles. During each revolution, the table stops for a specified period of time so that an operation can be performed at each station... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Tables - (21 companies)
    An optical table can also be used for incorporating in OEM system. Breadboard tables are widely used in laboratories. An optical table provides necessary electronic connections to the electronic circuits mounted on it. On optical breadboard tables... Learn More
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Materials. 2 Hardness Comparison Table. Approximate Hardness Conversion of Steel Based on the Rockwell C Scale: HRC. HV. HB. HRA. HRB. HRD. HS. HRC. Approx. hardness. Brinell hardness. Tensile. Rockwell. Rockwell. Rockwell hardness. Vickers 10mm Ball・Load 3000kgf. NOTE 2. Strength. C. of. C. kgf/mm2...

A50UShore A30 is the order of increasing softness. IShore Hardness Tolerance of Urethane Rubber. Allowable range of shore hardness tolerance of urethane and rubber is the above mentioned(Shore A)Ú5. IGel Strength. Expressed in Asker C and Penetration. The following table shows the shore A correlation...

...a nitrile elastomer. ASTM D 2000 M 5 BG 407 A14 B14 E014 E034 F17. Hardness / Tensile Strength - The next three digits indicates the hardness and. minimum tensile strength requirements for the elastomer. The first digit, 4, identifies the. hardness measured in Shore A units +/- 5. The next two digits...

...and colours. The hardness of PVC can vary from the rigid type used for windows (Shore A hardness of 100 or British Standard softness of 0) to the plasticised or soft version used for garden hoses (generally Shore A 80 deg or BSS 38) and even down to very soft materials of Shore A 60 deg (BSS 75...

( C)Rel.Hum. (%)TPU/PTHF1TPU/PEO 2TPU/PEO 3 Shore A hardness D2244859082 Waterpick-up wt.-%23Immersedinwater11448 Uprightcup,desiccantE96 Ag/m2/day23853208001400 Uprightcup,desiccantE96 Eg/m2/day389085023003700 Uprightcup,desiccantE96 Eg/m2/day23503406001000 Uprightcup,waterE96...

As seen in Table I, the TPVs meet the flexibility requirements for many medical elastomer applications, offering hardnesses ranging from 45 Shore A to 40 Shore D. Table II presents the results for compression set versus time and temperature for six hardness grades of TPV. These results show... the bottom (low cost/low performance) and copolyamides at the top (high cost/high performance). Property SBCs TPOs TPVs TPUsCOPEs COPAs Specific gravity 0.90 1.2 0.89 1.0 0.90 1.0 1.1 1.31.1 1.3 1.1 1.2 Hardness (Shore) 30A 75D 60A 75D 40A 50D 70A 75D 40A 82D75A 72D Compression set @ 100 C...

...rubber (LSR) products for healthcare applications. The Silbione line of LSRs offers strong physical attributes and can be processed at Shore A hardnesses of 05, 10, and 25. With a Shore A hardness of 10, LSR 4310 provides higher elongation and 50% greater tear strength than competing products, while...

...inappropriate formulations, the prevalence of pinholes, and inadequate elasticity. Prior to the early 1990s, most polyurethane formulations featured hardnesses of 75 Shore A and harder for applications requiring superior mechanical properties and biocompatibility. The recent development of low-durometer... Table I. After extraction, the specimens were dried, aged, and reweighed. The weight loss was then computed as a percentage of the original weight of the sample. PlasticizerDOPTOTMDOAH-640 Concentration (phr)54564262 Hardness (Shore A)80848184 100% modulus (MPa)10.310.510.310.4 Tensile strength...

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