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  • PDAs and the Roaming Maintenance Professional
    is critical for efficient and accurate data entry. If you think you can do the data entry on a PDA, think again â€" you are better off getting a tablet PC or walking around with a laptop if you plan to do data entry in the field. Bigfoot Maintenance Software | CMMS | Maintenance Management Software | Support
  • The Internet of Things
    Your game console talks to Netflix and other sites on the Internet. Your TV, DVR, smart-phone and tablet PC are all capable of accessing the Internet. You may very likely have a smart electric, gas or water meter that is connected to your house and able to talk to your heating and cooling systems
  • Medical Device Link .
    The versatility of ultrasonics has been exemplified by the wide variety of applications that have evolved for this technology. These range from marking tablet formulations and cutting human tissue to assembly of dry-powder inhalers and nasal-spray nozzles. During the past two decades, the medical
  • 2006 TOTY Finalist Profiles: Wyeth Excellence in Operations Team, Pearl River, N.Y.
    carts for maintenance. We did this without really calling it 5S, says Espejo. Plucking the low-hanging fruit helped build momentum for the program. For years, tablet compression had been the main bottleneck, and the largest challenge in operations. Making headway in this area would get the ball
  • Rapid Blending of Nutraceuticals in a Restricted Space
    are manually fed to an encapsulation machine (shown), a tablet press, or directly to the packaging line. Figure 6. Nutri-Force 's plant expansion included a fully automated packaging line that meets increased demand for the company 's nutritional supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter drug products
  • What to Expect at Interphex 2007
    , a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, will be showing the GKF1400L capsule filler with liquid fill module, the FSX2020 nested syringe filler, the KKE2500 checkweigher with tablet feeder, the KWE4000 small package checkweigher, and the new FLT tabletop vial-filling system. ( A division
  • SolidWorks gets a major upgrade
    New features in SolidWorks 2005 should make design easier than ever. The Flex feature lets users model a straight part and then bend it to shape a new design. SolidWorks 2005 can use the mark-up capability of a Tablet PC so, for example, maintenance workers can add notes to models. PhotoWorks
  • Food / Pet Food Processing Applications: Vacuum Conveying for Tabletting Operations
    in a range of applications, including filling silos and day bins, moving a single material to multiple points or multiple materials to a single destination, batch feeding to mixers or other equipment, and supplying process feeders. Tablet Conveying. English [change]. 简体中文. English. Français. Deutsch