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  • Audio Transducers and Buzzers-Image
    Audio Transducers and Buzzers - (218 companies)
    Audio transducers and buzzers are used in electronic equipment, toys and various warning devices as the sounding component. How to Select Audio Transducers and Buzzers. Image credit: Pfannenberg | Americor Electronics | RDI, Inc. Audio transducers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Touch Switches and Tactile Switches-Image
    Touch Switches and Tactile Switches - (168 companies)
    Description. Touch switches and tactile switches operate by touching or pressing to make a connection. Touch switches are touch-operated devices that do not have moving parts. Tactile switches are electromechanical and provide tactile feedback... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Connectors-Image
    Audio Connectors - (346 companies)
    Image Credit: API Technologies | | Newark/element 14. Audio connectors are used to affix cables to other audio equipment, providing electronic signal transference and grounding protection. Applications for audio connectors can be general... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Transformers-Image
    Audio Transformers - (123 companies)
    Audio transformers improve sound quality by removing interference from audio signals. This interference, or ground noise, is caused by voltages from other devices and produces a humming or buzzing sound. Typically, audio transformers are encased... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Amplifier Chips-Image
    Audio Amplifier Chips - (62 companies)
    Audio amplifiers are used in circuits and systems to process audio signals. Description. Audio amplifier chips are used in circuits used to process audio signals. Operation Classes. Class A devices feature a design in which the output stage passes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Processor ICs - (35 companies)
    Audio processors IC are semiconductor devices used to detect, decode and process analog or digital audio. Basic functions for these integrated circuits (ICs) include multi-channel input selection, treble and bass controls, and left-right or balance... Learn More

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) conducting or non-conducting styli or 3) a gloved or non-gloved finger. It would provide a positive, tactile feedback to the operator. It would be modular and capable of being added to a display and computer in the same manner that other input devices are added. It would be impervious to dust, grease...

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