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  • Comparison of Interface Pressure Measurement Options: Review of Load Cells, Pressure Indicating Film & Tactile Pressure Sensors for Improvement of Research & Quality Control
    This white paper examines three types of pressure sensing technologies to accurately measure interface pressure and force distribution: load cells, pressure indicating film, and tactile pressure sensors. You will learn the advantages of each technology and how these types of measurements can
  • How to Drive Resistive Tactile Sensors
    A tweak of the drive electronics for resistive tactile sensors lets these devices handle an expanded range of pressures. * Thin-film force sensors can be super thin and created in a range of shapes and sizes. * Resistive thin-film sensors can be turned to work over a range of forces depending
  • Capacitive Tactile Sensors - A Technology Primer (.pdf)
    to. while optimizing settings to achieve the maximum sensor response from. Measure Single Pressure. each. sensing element. Sensor Technology Comparison. Unlike with some other tactile sensor designs, capacitive-based sensors do not have significant internal wear. and tear under load. Since the scale
  • Medical Device Link . Sensors and Transducers
    , president of Sensor Products Inc. (East Hanover, NJ, USA). Pressurex is a tactile, force-indicating sensor that is used to assess compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces. The Pressurex sensor is produced in the form of a large, thin sheet of self-developing
  • Post-CMP Polyvinyl Alcohol Brush Testing
    . The I-Scan (R) pressure and force measurement system and tactile pressure sensors provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the brush by measuring the contact pressure distribution and area in real-time, and displaying any pressure inconsistencies in 2-D or 3-D displays. Adjusting a brush design
  • Medical Device Link .
    levels, the DigiTacts sensors provide digital outputs at 3.3 or 5 V. The products take pressure readings from 0 to 20 psi in 0.1-psi increments. Furthermore, the single-point pressure sensors are based on capacitance. (Hotline) Tactile Sensors Output in Digital Format. Skip to : [Content
  • Medical Device Link .
    to produce sensitive, tactile responses and accurate simulations. They also certify axial stabilization of tendons and evenness of tissues within joints during surgery to aid recovery. The 0.008-in.-thin flexible printed circuits can be customized for OEM applications. Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA
  • Medical Device Link .
    One researcher from the University of Cambridge (UK) is on a quest to make artificial skin as realistic as possible. St ephanie Lacour, a research project manager, is designing stretchable electronic skin, made of thin gold strips and silicone rubber, which mimics human tactile senses via implants

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