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  • Bare Conductor Wire and Cable-Image
    Bare Conductor Wire and Cable - (332 companies)
    Bare conductor wire and cable is made of conducting materials to carry electric current. Buyers may choose between several different types. Solid wire is manufactured from a single solid metal piece. It is inexpensive to produce and provides...
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    Conductor Type
    Cable Conductor
    North American (AWG)
  • Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable-Image
    Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable - (425 companies)
    Wire rope and mechanical cable is wound from high-strength metal strands for structural, mechanical actuation and motion control applications. Wire rope and mechanical cable is wound from high-strength metal strands for structural, mechanical...
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  • Cable Harness and Wire Harness Services-Image
    Cable Harness and Wire Harness Services - (905 companies)
    Cable harness and wire harness services design and manufacture cable and wire harnesses for specific applications on a contractual basis. They are located across the United States and around the world and vary in terms of capabilities...
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  • Wire Rope Fittings and Cable Fittings-Image
    Wire Rope Fittings and Cable Fittings - (269 companies)
    Wire rope fittings includes clips, sleeves, stud ends, eyes, forks and other hardware used to construct mechanical cable assemblies. Wire rope and control cable fittings include clips, sleeves, stud ends, eyes, forks, and other hardware used...
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  • Wire and Cable Clips-Image
    Wire and Cable Clips - (288 companies)
    Wire and cable clips are used to bundle, clip, guide, and protect wires and cables. There are many different types of products. Examples include wire clips and cable clips, wire staples and cable staples, wire saddles and cable saddles, and wire...
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    Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools - (720 companies)
    Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors. There are many different types of products. Categories include tool kits, cable tie guns, crimpers, cutters or scissors, connector extractors, pin...
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    Wire Markers and Cable Markers - (234 companies)
    Wire markers and cable markers are used to label wires and cables. Wire marking can be done before or after termination. There is a large variety of markers available, including an array of sizes, colors, and lengths. When selecting individual...
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    Cable Assemblies - (1929 companies)
    Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end. How to Select Cable Assemblies. Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded or bound in a single unit with connectors...
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    Wire and Cable Strippers - (237 companies)
    Cable and wire strippers are devices used to remove sections of insulation from electrical wire, allowing access to the conductor for terminating and splicing. This guide includes handheld, benchtop, powered, and chemical stripping processes. Cable...
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    Wire and Cable Crimpers - (386 companies)
    Wire and cable crimpers are designed for the connection of electrical and metal components by cutting, stripping, bending, and deforming. Crimping is extensive in the electrical and metal-forming industries and was developed as a high-quality, low...
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  • Chronic intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) of cat sensory cortex using the Utah intracortical electrode array
    Neural recordings and electrode impedance measurements were made in awake, unanaesthetized, and unrestrained cats by connecting the an- imals to external electronics using a flexible 12-conductor cable (Cooner Wire , Chatsworth, CA). .... cat in a standard plastic pet carrier which had two high-fidelity speakers ( Tandy Corporation, Fort Worth…
  • A telemetry-instrumentation system for monitoring multiple subcutaneously implanted glucose sensors
    The receiver is a Realistic PRO-2006 Programmable Scanner ( Tandy Corporation) which has been modified to allow .... This receiver is connected to either an AT or XT PC clone through a 16- wire cable (length up to 100m) and a custom interface card.
    The microphone is connected to the transmitter by a 700 mm long lightweight insulated wire cable , which also serves as the unitzs antenna. .... this microphone and transmitter with a radio,-transceiver(21-410 or 21-407; Tandy /Radio Shack) that…
  • Experiences in local networking at USF
    Hercules: Network Card Plus; Tandy : TandyLink Card; Apple: AppleTalk Card for PCs. .... 3Com seems to be a good choice since the College already implements a Ethernet on coax cable . .... 3Coms approach is simply replacing coax cable with twisted pair wire .
  • The Winning Line
    Electronic hobbyists provide easy access to such products through shops such as Tandy or Radio Shack or .... Over the last few decades electronic cable connections have moved away from screwed or soldered connectors to .... the wire results in a secure connec- tion.