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  • Application Note: Tank Level Control
    A distributor in Indiana used short-range ultrasonic sensors on his bulk liquid tanks to gauge the volume of product left in his tank before he needed to call for a delivery to replenish the inventory. Since this application was not in a hazardous area or used for custody transfer
  • Fluid_Trac Water Level Sensor for Wastewater Holding Tanks
    This application note covers the Fluid-Trac (R) 2-wire water level sensor used as a replacement for a standard 33-240 Ohm resistive float water level sender, reed-switch tube sensors, or capacitive tube senders in gray water and black water holding tanks. Waste water holding tank monitoring systems
  • Gauge Your Level Instrumentation Options
    used to measure tank contents had to be calibrated by filling the tanks with purified water run through a Coriolis mass flowmeter for reference. "The procedure was time-consuming and purified water is very expensive. Plus, once it's been used, it has to be treated, " Ward says. "Now we've eliminated
  • Fluid_Trac Interface to Microprocessor Controlled Fuel Gauges/Digital Instrumentation
    dashes). Some fuel monitoring systems consist of three components - a liquid level sender; a microprocessor and a fuel gauge or digital instrumentation. The liquid level sender measures the level of fuel in the tank. The liquid level sender sends the information to microprocessor which then sends
  • Switch Tips: Float-level switches
    Float-type switches are considered the least-expensive way of monitoring the level of fluid in a tank. They use a buoyant float to gauge a fluid level. In most models, the float carries permanent magnets and encircles a stationary stem. As the float rises or drops with fluid level, the magnetic
  • Tanker Spraying
    in tanks with level measurement needs in small to large tank depths. MTS has twenty years experience in providing effective solutions for petrochemical and other fluid types, that is directly applicable to mobile equipment tank monitoring needs. Outputs can drive gauges or be input directly
  • Sizing a Vacuum Receiver
    To understand tank sizing for a desired level of vacuum, it is important to remember that the volume of the tank vs the volume of the mold will determine your system vacuum. At sea level the barometric pressure is 29.92" Hg absolute (0 gauge). Due to variations in the atmospheric pressure, we can
  • The Gas Company, Hawaii
    and Lanai. TGC had specific requirements in choosing a liquid level sensor with regard to existing tank installations, maintenance, monitoring convenience and atmospheric conditions. In order to fulfill these requirements and achieve the most accurate liquid-level measurement possible, TGC purchased

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