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  • The Effect of Coal Tar DNAPL on Geomembrane/Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Coal Tar Impacted Soil (.pdf)
    Vertical containment barriers have often been considered for use at former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites as an interim measure or as a permanent remedy to contain coal tar dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL), coal tar impacted soils and/or groundwater. This paper presents a compatibility
  • Emissivity Tables for Infrared Thermometers
    ). Emissivity. Adobe. 68 (20). 0.9. Asbestos. Board. 100 (38). 0.96. Cement. 32-392 (0-200). 0.96. Cement, Red. 2500 (1371). 0.67. Cement, White. 2500 (1371). 0.65. Cloth. 199 (93). 0.9. Paper. 100-700 (38-371). 0.93. Slate. 68 (20). 0.97. Asphalt, pavement. 100 (38). 0.93. Asphalt, tar paper. 68 (20
  • A Brief Description of Synthetic Fuels Production
    technologies have been developed and optimized by various technology providers and this technology is typically licensed to the end user. Before feeding the syngas to the Fischer-Tropsch unit, the syngas stream will need to have any tar removed, it will need to be dried and it will need any acid
  • Water Industry with Better Standards to Protect Welded Steel Tanks
    , municipalities originally. turned to coal tar enamel, which was known for its ease of use, flexibility, thick films and relatively simple application. As. toxicology review and evaluation procedures improved, and to comply with more stringent health codes, multiple coat thin film. epoxy systems became
  • Infrared Thermography as a Proactive Tool for Roof Maintenance
    a 360,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The roof comprises a corrugated metal deck covered with wood fiber insulation, and a coal-tar-built-up membrane covered with slag. The roof is divided into eight discrete areas on two elevations. In 1992, the roof
  • Low-Pressure Carburising Systems: A Review of Current Technology (.pdf)
    , although they can also. be prone to heavy tar formation. Methane is nearly non-reactive at these low. pressures, and requires a temperature of at least 1040°C or activation with a plasma. (called Plasma-Aided LPC), although it appears to have lost some popularity recently. Isobutane (i-C4H10) also
  • Risk Management: the Critical Role of Measurement and Calibration
    whether or. not a lab is competent in making a measurement. Therefore the TAR. indicator is incomplete and has been superseded by TUR. Copyright © 2008, Transcat, Inc. 4. SERVICES. WHITE PAPER. Calibration Repair 3D Metrology Reference Laboratory. Risk Management: The Critical Role of Measurement
  • The Greening of Carbon Fiber
    to their direct correlation to energy consumption. The manufacturing process for carbon fiber also generates tar residues and silicone that further complicate the destruction of pollutants. As is the case with many industrial manufacturing operations, emissions are best destroyed through the use of thermal

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