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  • Putting the Data into Power Supply Data Sheets (.pdf)
    to "specmanship". For this exercise we'll look at typical data for an ac/dc power supply though many of the issues may equally apply to dc/dc converters. �� Technical Article. Putting the data into power supply data sheets. By Gary Bocock, Technical Director, XP Power. CONTENTS. •. Input Characteristics
  • Investigation of the Influence of Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) on Calibration Results
    carried out at different carrier frequencies. Verification measurements with the TEDS chip built into a force transducer checked for the technical specifications e.g. temperature behavior of the nominal sensitivity. Additional investigations focus on different linearization methods checked
  • ADC1000 OEM Data Sheet
    : Specifies whether the data transmitted from the ADC1000-USB should be compressed to. speed data transfer rates. For more information on ADC1000-USB Data Compression, see Technical. Note 1: ADC1000-USB Data Compression. Command Syntax: G{DATA WORD}. Response: ACK or NAK. 0 – Compression off. Range
  • Glossary of Tems for Technical Foams
    Furnishings' Technical Bulletin No. 117. See Flammability Test Methods. Often referred to in abbreviation as "CAL117.". California Technical Bulletin 117. California Bureau of Home Furnishings test methods and requirements for open flame and cigarette resistant materials used in residential upholstered
  • Airbrasive (R) Media Material Safety Data Sheets
    Airbrasive MSDS. Airbrasive - Powder MSDS's. About Us | Site Map HOME PRODUCTS APPLICATIONS ONLINE STORE NEWS TECHNICAL SUPPORT CONTACT US Airbrasive (R) Media Material Safety Data Sheets. Contact Us. Products. Sample Lab. Airbrasive (R) Media Material Safety
  • Twin Sheet Thermoforming, Cycle Time Minimization by Maximizing Heater Cycle Temperature Profile that Prevents Sheet over Temperature (.pdf)
    and then backing off on power over time to create a transient heating cycle that will keep the surface skin temperatures below a specified limit; until the mid-plane temperature reaches a temperature that is optimal for forming. Untitled Document 2005-01-1521. SAE TECHNICAL. PAPER SERIES. Twin Sheet
  • Technical Information for Handling Reed Relays (.pdf)
    Precautions for handling and packaging Reed Relays. Techn_Umgang_Reedrelais_D_E.doc. Technical information. for handling Reed Relays. REED RELAYS n REED SENSORS n REED SWITCHES. 1. Reed Relays essentially consist of a “packaged” coil and Reed Switch. Please also refer to the hints. regarding
  • MCP1701 vs MCP1701A vs MCP1702 Technical Brief
    =5.0V, VIN=6.0V. IOUT=50 mA. 10. ¥. Hz). VR=2,8V, VIN=3.8V. 1. 0.1. VR=1.2V, VIN=2.7V. Noise (μV/ 0.01. 0.001. 0.01. 0.1. 1. 10. 100. 1000. Frequency (kHz). FIGURE 4: Output Noise vs Frequency. DS93006A-page 2. © 2006 Microchip Technology Inc. TB3006. SUMMARY. REFERENCES. This technical brief has