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    Door Stays and Lid Stays - (21 companies)
    Door and lid stays are devices connected to a lid or a door that prevent it from opening further than a specified amount, typically 90 degrees. Typically this is known as lid support, lid stay, or door stay. Similar to hinges in laptops... Learn More
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    Doors - (1512 companies)
    ...or composite materials and are available in many different styles and sizes. Typically, the material of construction is a function of whether the door is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Doors can also be configured with many different hardware... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers-Image
    Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers - (12 companies)
    Conical and telescopic screw covers are used to protect ball, acme and lead screws from contaminants. Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers are used to protect ball, acme, and lead screws from contaminants. Ball, acme, and lead screws... Learn More
  • Door Operators-Image
    Door Operators - (179 companies)
    Door operators are devices used to open and close all types of doors or gates. These operators can be powered by a variety of power sources such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices. Door operators are used to open and close all types... Learn More
  • Interior Doors-Image
    Interior Doors - (324 companies)
    ...accordion doors, bi-fold doors, and pocket doors are common types of interior doors. French doors are single or double doors where most of the door 's area consists of panes of glass surrounded by a frame. One or both doors swing open on metal hinges... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Door Frames - (47 companies)
    Door Frames are assemblies that are used to hang doors within. These frames include swing door frames of various materials and sizes as well as pocket door frames. Door Frames. Swing door frames. Image Credit: Ceco Door. Door Frames are assemblies... Learn More
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    Exterior Doors - (565 companies)
    ...temperatures. Typically, these doors have weather seals, thresholds, and locking features. Weather seals help close air gaps and keep out insects and other pests. These seals consist of door sweeps, jamb seals, and dock-leveler seals. The threshold, the sill... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Access Doors - (135 companies)
    Recessed access doors are also suitable for flush installation in either walls or ceilings; however, these products are designed to conceal the door panel, which is recessed by one or more inches. Both general-purpose access doors and drywall access... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Garage Doors - (184 companies)
    Product specifications and features for garage doors include appearance, insulation, safety, materials, window design (if applicable), and spring design. Style, pattern and color determine a garage door 's appearance. Styles and patterns vary... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Door Strikes - (34 companies)
    ...recessed into the door frame providing a refuge for door bolts to keep doors closed and locked. Standard door strikes are simple, usually curved tools that assist the bolt into the frame. Some strikes have multiple holes allowing for deadbolts... Learn More
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  • EMKA hinge range for signage and vehicles (09/08/2010 11:48:54)
    Consequently, EMKA offer their 1097 program AISI 303 stainless steel telescopic door stay with push button release to ensure that once opened large doors/panels stay open as needed and keep personnel safe.
  • Frick / Knöll building construction lesson 2
    • sliding doors, • folding doors and harmonica walls, • folding doors and folding walls, • movable element walls and • particular constructions, how for example telescopic walls, rolling walls, stroke and countersinking walls ( remain here unattended). Vgl. thereto also image 7...
  • Journal of Aircraft > Almost 40 Years of Airframe Noise Research: What Did We Achieve?
    The SILENCER low-noise MLG design is marked by a telescopic side- stay to replace the original folding side-stay (including the downlock mechanism) and... ...retraction actuator, and to realize a much smaller and aerodynamically shaped leg door design and avoid the...
  • Suppliers to the Lada Kalina
    ...O. Spring seat of front suspension Pustyn Stabilizer Motor-Super Steering device mounting Egorshinskij Radiofactory Steering rack cap Egorshinskij Radiofactory Telescopic strut SAAZ Telescopic strut Skopinskij Autoagregatnyj Factory... ...lock Motor-Super Bonnet stay Autovazagregat Boot lock DAAZ Door glass Detailbuildingconstruction Door handle...
  • Technical development of buildings
    Otherwise, become cars on elevator shafts and the same requirements like on cable elevators are set doors . The one-step jacks are more economic than multistage jack in the installation costs as well as in entertainment ( telescopic jack) that remain reserved for special cases.
  • Landing Gear Design in the Conceptual Design Phase
    This model was very helpful in testing different downlock solutions and door mechanisms. A telescopic dragstay was tested at first, but was found to give a too small moment arm... The best solution, the use of a folding stay , was tried out on the model and a...
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  • Elevators and escalators
    The locking device is the same how by the telescopic sliding door , but is additionally to the locking contact switch is still a door contact switch present that monitors the door closing position. ...another error enters, so, the locking contact would close, the door contact would remain however open as...
  • Resilienz in the Sozialen
    ...anpassungsorientierte the approach by the structure of a professional identity denotes we as telescopic , as they clearly... Young musical actors internalize to remain therefore always on course the labor market requirements addressed to them... ...just, gesanglich further, concentrates to be thereby and its concerns really before the door allow so the...
  • Bothe judge Teherani for 1.200 viewers in Weimar: in shape a with aid of telescopic legs of the... The project for the capital of culture of the year 1999 remained unrealisiert - because of the estimated... ...gangway that has driven the ground staff after rule up to the cabin door the image remains...