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    Tubing - (2521 companies)
    Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections. How to Select Tubing. Image Credit: ICO Rally... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tube Fittings - (1200 companies)
    Tube fittings connect runs of tubing for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose, and other fluid transfer components. How to Select Tube Fittings. Image Credit: DK-LOK U.S.A. | Ark-Plas (R... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electrical Conduit - (567 companies)
    Electrical conduit is lengths of solid tubing used to house, protect, and cover electrical wiring and cables in power distribution systems. Types. There are many standard conduit types. Flexible metal conduits (FMC) have a helically wound, circular... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pneumatic Fittings - (179 companies)
    ...means. Push-to-Connect. Push-to-connect fittings have ends that are designed to accept tubing by pushing it into the end. These fittings typically disconnect via some type of collar retraction. These connections are convenient for sections... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Hydraulic Fittings - (242 companies)
    ...information on flanges, visit the Pipe Flanges Selection Guide on GlobalSpec. Image Credit: Main Manufacturing, Inc. Push-to-Connect. Push-to-connect fittings have ends that are designed to accept tubing by pushing it into the end. These fittings... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Sanitary Fittings - (104 companies)
    Connects an outer sleeve to an inner (ball) fitting. The sleeve retracts to connect and disconnect the two ends of the fitting. Barbed fittings - Connects hose flexible tubing via a barbed end with a tapered stub and ridges inserted into the vessel... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...include round, oval, square, and rectangular. Materials. Industrial pipe is manufactured in a wide variety of materials. These materials can include but are not limited to ABS, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon or graphite, ceramic or ceramic lined, clay... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flanges are used to connect pipes, tubes, hoses, and similar structures. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Gas fittings are specifically designed for use with gases, such as flammable propane or hazardous phosgene. These types of fittings have a reverse thread; meaning, the threads are cut in the reverse direction from all other fittings so that gas lines cannot be connected to air lines, water lines, or vent lines. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Squares - (87 companies)
    ...on the inside corners or outside edges to facilitate fillets or radii on cast or machined parts. The beam of a precision square is thicker than the blade, which facilitates the use of the square on an edge. Precision squares are used for precision marking... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Parker Steel - The Largest Supplier of Metric Sized Metals in...
Square Aluminum Square Telescopic Rectangular Tubes
See Parker Steel Co. Information

400 Seventh St., S.W. March 11, 2005 Washington, D.C. 20590 In...
The upright consists of three telescoping sections of 2.4 mm wall aluminum tubing: 38.1 mm, 31.8 mm, and 25.4 mm square.

Refer to: HSA-10/ WZ-100 Amendment #3 Mr. Bill Korman Korman...

Speedy Metals - Square Tube
Square Threaded Rod Tubing Aluminum Brass Now In: Tubing ? Steel ? Square Tube Typical Applications
See Speedy Metals Information

Speedy Metals - 3/4" SQ {A} x 0.620" ID {B} x...
Square Threaded Rod Tubing Aluminum Brass
See Speedy Metals Information

Current and reliable Mechanical Components and Assemblies news...
Collars feature square integral flange with drilled and tapped through-holes and clamp-type collar for attaching shafts or tubing to flat surface.

Square Tubing, Awning Rail, Boating and Marine, Black 7/8"...
Drawn Aluminum Tubing H2ube Tubing Square Tubing Stainless Steel Tubing Telescoping Boat Pole Tubing

[No Title]
Gatorshield FloCoat and Galvanized Tubing|Pre Angles|Telescopic Square Tubing|U-Channel
See SupplyRite Steel, Inc. Information

GG Mfg Site > Products > Tubing / Shafting / Threaded Rod >...

See G & G Manufacturing Company Information

Braided Carbon Fiber Tube > Braided Carbon Fiber Square Tubes
Download All Braided Carbon Fiber Square Tube CAD Models This square tubing is comprised of Carbon Fiber Braid and Unidirectional Fabrics.
See DragonPlate Information

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