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  • Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide Ball Valves
    The control valve is one of the most important items in a fluidic system. If greater attention were paid to the proper sizing and application of control valves there would be fewer flow control problems. A valve that is undersized can result in insufficient flow at design conditions. An oversized
  • How to Choose a Control Valve
    . ./1abf94b7-6d57-4363-b686-91c6b76636c6 SVF Flow Controls. I N C O R P O R A T E D. How to Choose a Control Valve. No 1035. The control valve is the most important single element in any fluid handling system, due to the fact that it regulates the. flow of a fluid in that system. System
  • Furnace Temperature Control System
    . Signals for furnace temperatures of 0 to 1200 degrees C measured using thermocouple sensor are uploaded as 4-to-20mA current signals via the AD board, evaluated according to the specified measurement temperature criteria, and calculated according to the valve fuel control algorithm. Then, commands
  • Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating
    For more than four decades, Worcester Controls Corporation has been on the leading edge of ball valve and flow control technology. The Marlborough (Mass.) company has always prided itself on making and selling state-of-the-art products of the highest quality. So Worcester was seriously concerned
  • Spraywater Control Valves
    better control and a more efficient operation. 2. Because of the wide range of flows, ensure that the valve is capable of properly. throttling across the entire range. Torque seated valves have problems throttling. at both the low and high end of their operating range. Care must also be taken
  • Auger Valve Dispensing
    at the maximum recommended pressure. This. The effects of temperature on solder paste. means that beyond a certain point, higher valve. dispensing are generic to most dispense. speed does nothing to change dispense rate. The. methodologies. Auger valves are not an exception. amount of pressure
  • Using a dataTaker DT80 to Control a Hydraulic Valve
    A CAS Data Loggers customer who had recently purchased a dataTaker DT80 data logger called in to our tech support asking how to set it up to not only control a hydraulic valve used in materials testing, but also to only log data when the hydraulic valve was active. This would enable the user
  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    specified for valves and controls destined for ultra high-purity applications. CHEMRAZ: A fluorinated elastomer used for high temperature/high purity or highly aggressive applications. Chemraz® is a trademark of Greene-Tweed. CNC: Computer numerically controlled. Popular type of control system