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  • How to Ensure Accurate Temperature Control in an Enclosure
    Although electrical control equipment generally operates over a relatively wide temperature range, sometimes it's best if the operating temperature is tightly controlled. The reason for this is that the wide temperature cycling that can occur in an enclosure may be detrimental to the equipment
  • Improving Gas Turbine Temperature Measurement
    , lower emissions and oftentimes frequent cycling, the necessity for precise temperature measurement has also increased.
  • What is a Humidity Test?
    A humidity test simulates the moisture-laden air found in tropical regions. There are typically two types of humidity tests, condensing and non-condensing. Condensing humidity tests consist of temperature cycling in high relative humidity air.
  • How to Optimize Temperature Conditioning and Verification for Industrial Sensor/Transmitter Device Manufacturing - PART 2
    temperature range, thermal cycling, and duration of test will determine the minimum requirements for chamber performance. If the spec calls for testing at -40°C, for example, clearly you need a system that can achieve at least that temperature for a passive UUT.
  • AN0019 Tin Whiskers
    ) into understanding causes for Tin whisker formation. It is believed that stresses within the Tin such as from intermetallic formations, oxidisation/ corrosion, thermal stress (temperature cycling) and/ or mechanical stress may contribute to Tin whisker formation.
  • Copper vs Copper Tungsten Flanges
    becomes more critical. This becomes even more important if the part is subject to power or temperature cycling. The all brazed CuW part solves this problem and provides the highest reliability part for all applications. Unfortunately, as with any engineering solution there is always a compromise
  • Advanced Thermal Interface Materials for Enhanced Flip Chip BGA
    to demonstrate that these materials not only have low bulk thermal resistance, but also very low interfacial, or contact resistance. These adhesives have a low modulus and high adhesion, which enables them to flex and remain bonded as the laminate package undergoes stress during temperature cycling.
  • Brushless washer maker finds reliability in screwless connections
    . The Wago blocks use spring pressure alone to make electrical connections. Spring-pressure terminals automatically adjust to the size of the wire inserted. This eliminates concerns about loosening because of temperature cycling or vibration. And the constant dynamic pressure on the wire, plus the use

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  • Closed Power Cycles
    The metal liquids are suitable for creating high- temperature cycles positioned above a steam cycle.
  • Solder Joint Reliability Assessment
    These industry-defined research-based problems related to solder joint reliability assessment include solder reflow cooling, temperature cycling , and mechanical fatigue of a test assembly with BGA solder joints, JEDEC board-level drop test, and shear fatigue of reflowed solder specimen.
  • Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy
    Six low- temperature cycles ( 450À700 C ) and their sustainability were assessed by Dincer and Balta (2011), especially for nuclear applications.
  • Superalloys
    No method has been developed for evaluating CPR under the load- temperature cycle that components experience in power plant applications.
  • Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging
    Thermal Stress Due to Temperature Cycling .
  • Lead-free Electronics
    Thermal cycling is accomplished by two means: “ Temperature Cycling (TC)” in which the temperature conditions are fully controlled during the test, and in particular the solder joints are subjected to a moderate cooling or heating rates (1O”C/min.) between the temperature …
  • Circadian Physiology
    For simpler applications requiring a cycle of ambient temperature, a small timer-controlled heater inside a cabinet kept in an air-conditioned room may provide an adequate daily tem- perature cycle at a fraction of the cost of an environmental chamber.
  • Environmental Stress Screening—Its Quantification